Zebra vs Horse vs Donkey Difference & Fight Comparison

Who will win the fight- Zebra, Horse or Donkey?

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Before starting the Zebra vs Horse vs Donkey fight comparisonlet’stry to find out the interesting facts about these three animals. When we are aware of the abilities and the weak points of the animals, it will get easy to compare them, and we can know who will win among the three.

What are interesting facts on Zebra?

A zebra is an animal which belongs to the family of horses and scientifically known as equids.

How does Zebra look like?

The Zebra is unique and distinct in appearance because it has black and white stripes on the body. These stripes are different in size and pattern.

How does Zebra look like?

They have good eyesight. As their eyes are located on sides of the head, it provides a broader view of the surroundings to them at any time. In addition to it, they have good hearing ability also.

Why Zebra cannot be domesticated?

A unique thing about the Zebra is that they are never domesticated like the horses or the donkeys. They are difficult to train and require lot of temperament to do so.

How many species of Zebra are there?

Zebras have three different spices:

1. The plain Zebra

2. The mountain Zebra:

3. The Grevy’s Zebra.

What is physical structure, length, size and weight of a Zebra?

The standard structure of the Zebra has the following characteristics:

1. They have 47 – 51 inches of shoulders.

2. The body is 6.6 – 8ft long.

3. The weight is around 350 kg. i.e. 770 lbs.

What are interesting facts about Horses?

Horses are considered to be the oldest of the creatures, and history shows that they evolved 45 -55 million years ago. They also belong to the family of Equidae.

How people are using Horses?

They are domesticated by human beings and used to carry the load and human beings from one place to another.

How people are using horses?

Apart from it, they are also used for riding purposes and gambling in horse races.

What are the Abilities of a horse?

They are adapted to run by nature since there evolvement and hence they are swift and quick and can easily escape from the predators. They respond very quickly.

Can Horse sleep at standing position?

A unique thing about them is that they can sleep in both standing and lying position.

What are the different species of Horse?

They are also divided into three spices:

1. The Hot Blood: High speed and endurance.

2. The Cold Blood: Slow speed but carries the heavy load.

3. The Warm Blood: A mixture of hot and cold blood.

What is the population of a Donkey?

Donkeys also belong to the horse family and is a domestic animal. The population of donkeys is surprising as there are more than 40 million donkeys in the world.

What is Physical Characteristics, size, weight and length of a Donkey?

Physically donkeys are not strong, but they can lift a considerable amount of weight. The size of the donkeys varies according to their upbringing by their owner. The height varies from 63 -79 inches and weight ranges from 80 – 480 kg, i.e. 180 – 1060 lbs.

HowDonkey looks like?

They are less aggressive. Their vision is good, but they are considered to be animals with less intelligence.

Why Donkey considered unrespectful?

Donkeys are referred to as Ass in some parts of the world due to less intelligence.

Zebra, Horse vs Donkey fight comparison- Who will win?

Though the exact origin and classification are similar of all the three animals, a study of the above description shows that in a fight of Zebra, Horse and Donkey, it is inevitable that horse and Zebra have more chances as compared to a donkey. The Zebra and Horse have more or less the same abilities.

Both of the animals have good vision and a sharp mind. Both are quick in response and can escape from predators. But we see that horses are a little bit superior in terms of physical characteristic and hence have more chances of winning over Zebra. But some spices of Zebra are better than horses. So, there is fierce competition between Zebra and horse and the donkey is left behind.

Thus, clearly in Zebra vs horse vs donkey fight comparison – zebra or horse both can win. The rising power and the physical structure of Zebra are dominant over the donkey and have more chances of winning the fight.


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