Lizard VS Gecko VS Iguana Difference and Comparison

Who will win the fight- lizard, gecko or iguana?

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There are many different classes of animals that come under our animal kingdom, but today the class Reptilia has become successful in grabbing our attention. Their name itself refers to their creeping and crawling way of movement. Within this class also we can find a vast amount of diversity. Go further to know detailed comparison and difference between Lizard vs Gecko vs Iguana.

Today let’s go through the most common reptiles we always see in our home from morning till night, our one and only Lizards and Gecko, and also the Iguana that comes from a suborder of Lacertilia which makes them more or less a type of lizards. To get a clear idea, we will study about Lizard vs gecko vs iguana difference and comparison.

Kingdom: Three of them come under the Animalia kingdom.

Class and Phylum: Three of them Come under Reptilia class and Chordata Phylum.

Family: Lizards come from Reptiles order Squamata. Geckos and iguanas come from Gekkonidae and Iguanidae family respectively.

How many species of Lizards, Gecko and Iguana are there?

Lizards have around 5,500 species all over the world where gecko has about 1000 species, and iguana has approximately 30 species spread over the region.

Where you found Lizards, gecko and iguana?

Lizards can be found all over the world. Geckos are typically found in the southern United States, northwest Mexico, southeast Asia, North, Central and South America, the Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean area of southern France to north Africa. One can see Iguanas in southern Asia, Australia, North and South America and the islands of the West Pacific.

How does a lizard looks like?
How does a lizard looks like?

How do Lizards, Gecko and Iguana breed?

Lizards can complete their breeding process by either laying eggs or giving birth to young ones directly. The females don’t care much about the newborn. Geckos are oviparous. Female geckos lay eggs under the bark of trees or leaves.

Inside female iguanas, the eggs become fertilized at the end of the rainy season and during early dry season females lay eggs in clutches of 30 – 50 in-ground that take 70 to 105 days to hatch

What is type of a Lizard, Gecko and Iguana?

Lizards can be tropical, nocturnal or ideal for any region depending on the nature of the species. Gecko is mainly nocturnal Lizard. Iguana is a tropical lizard.

How does a Lizard, Gecko and Iguana look like?

Lizard has four legs, external ear openings, and moveable eyelids. Gecko has soft, smooth skin, thin tail, short, stout body, large head, and well-developed limbs with adhesive pads on toes. This particular pad helps gecko to climb in the glass and makes gecko unique among the others.

How is a Gecko looks like?
How is a Gecko looks like?

Iguana has a thick, scaly skin, sharp nail and teeth. It has spines down its back. Its size is larger compared to others in the same suborder. The females weigh half of the males.

What are color variants of Lizards, Gecko and Iguana?

Lizard has yellowish color with a darker tan. The typical color in gecko is drab with greys, browns and dirty bright green banded colour. Tokay gecko has grey with red and whitish dots and used as a pet. Some geckos can be of yellowish to pinkish-tan with darker bands.

Common iguana has the colour of Green with dark bands that form a ring on tails. Also, red, blue or grey coloured iguanas are also found in many regions.

What is size, length and weight of a lizard, gecko and Iguana?

Lizard’s size varies significantly with every species. Its length can be from 2 cm to 3 m and weighs from 0.5 gram to 150 kg. Gecko’s length is from 3 to 15 cm (1.2 to 6 inches) and  Iguana’s is 2 meter (6.6 feet) and weighs 6Kg (13.2 pounds).

What does a lizard, Gecko and iguana eat?

Lizard’s diet chart consists of insects, vegetation, fruits, small tetrapod and carrion. Gecko eats beetles, butterflies, millipedes, crickets, cockroaches such insects and few species are also found in human habitations.

Some larger species like the Caledonian gecko consume young lizards, mice, and small birds. Iguana eats leaves, buds, flowers, fruits of fig-trees, little birds and mammals.

Do Lizards, gecko and Iguana venomous?

Most of the lizards are non-venomous apart from two species (according to research till now) named Gile Monster and Mexican Beaded Lizard. Geckos are non-venomous, that’s why they are popular as pets. Iguanas have atrophied venom gland that produces weak, harmless venom.

Can you pet Lizards, gecko and Iguana’s?

Not all the species of lizards are suitable as a pet. Geckos are very common as pets. Iguanas are rare as a pet as it is harder to care.

How Iguana looks like?
How does a Iguana looks like?

Nature: Three of them are excellent climbers.

What is lifespan of a Lizard, Gecko and Iguana?

Lizards can live from 1 to 3 years. Gecko can live 5 to 7 years, and iguanas can live up to 20 years.

So, Lizard, gecko and iguana are coming from Tetrapoda Superclass, Reptilia class, Squamata Order and Lacertilia suborder. The only thing that differs gecko, iguana from Lizard is that under Lacertilia suborder there are five infraorders and gecko, iguana belongs to Gekkota, Iguania infraorders respectively.

From this Lizard vs gecko vs iguana difference and comparison study, we came to know that in some parts of the world creepy reptiles like gecko or some species of lizards are kept as a pet and pampered by people, which is creepy yet fantastic.


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