10 Surprising Facts About The Black Mouth Cur

Active, courageous, and dynamic – that’s some of the most common things we hear about the Black Mouth Cur. To give you an overview, the Black Mouth Cur is known for being an all-around working dog. They are especially used to help farmers herd livestock, as well as assist hunters in catching games. Not only that, but they also make great family companions!

Fact 1 Black Mouth Cur Is A Versatile Dog Breed

The Black Mouth Cur is originally bred to work. As a result, this dog is used to herd animals, hunt games, guardhouses, and even to help in search and rescue operations! Because of his capability to work in varied occupations, the Black Mouth Cur makes an excellent companion for farmers and ranch owners.

Aside from being an outstanding worker, the Black Mouth Cur can also be a marvellous family companion, provided that he gets the right amount of exercise he needs.

This smart, athletic dog is also a popular competitor in dog sports, such as pull weights and runs in a coursing event.

Black Mouth Cur can almost learn everything provided that the proper way of training is done by its owner.

Fact 2 The Black Mouth Cur Is Famous For Being A Protective Dog

Have you ever watched the Disney movie “Old Yeller”? Well, let me tell you briefly about it. Old Yeller is a story about a young lad and a stray dog in post-Civil War Texas. The dog is a fearless, loyal, and loving Black Mouth Cur. In the movie, we can see him saving his owners from all dangers, even if it costs injuries and pains. The movie is based on Fred Gipson’s book of the same name.

The movie is not different in reality, as we see the Black Mouth Curs as dogs who are willing to protect their family from anything they perceive as a threat. They are courageous, but not aggressive for no reason. And they make a gentle and affectionate companion, especially with kids.

Fact 3 The Black Mouth Cur Is An Intelligent Dog

This breed is a fast-learner, making training not difficult to carry out. However, Black Mouth Curs easily get bored. They tend to lose their focus if there’s too much repetition and when training doesn’t interest them anymore. So, it is important to keep training sessions challenging but fun. Also, don’t forget to always end it with a good note, such as playtime, food rewards, or praises.

As a reminder, the Black Mouth Cur needs a firm, consistent owner who can set limitations and rules for him to follow. If not, he will claim to be the pack leader, which may lead to undesirable actions.

Fact 4 The Black Mouth Cur Thrives In A Home With A Yard

The Black Mouth Cur won’t do well in an apartment or condo with limited space. Instead, they need a home with a large yard or a garden where they can run around and play.

Being a dog with a medium-high energy level, it is essential for him to at least get an hour of vigorous exercise, such as a brisk walk, or play in the park. A game of fetch is also a good way to bond with your dog and keep them happy at the same time.

Due to their high exercise needs, Black Mouth Curs is not recommended for laidback and timid owners. Instead, they need someone who is active and outgoing.

Fact 5 The Black Mouth Cur Has A Long Life Expectancy

Provided that they’re given the proper amount of exercise and diet, not to mention lots of love and affection, Black Mouth Curs can live as long as 18 years! If you’re not aware, a medium- to large-sized dog, just like the Black Mouth Cur, can live between 12 to 13 years on average. That said, they are capable of being lifelong companions.

Additionally, we already know that Black Mouth Curs are capable of doing and learning almost everything. Being versatile working dogs, they are generally very healthy and physically fit canines.

Fact 6 The Black Mouth Cur Is Still Yet To Be Recognized By The AKC

Up to this day, the American Kennel Club (AKC) hasn’t recognized the Black Mouth Cur, along with other Cur-type dogs, mainly due to their unknown origin. Nevertheless, the Black Mouth Cur is recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) as a purebred scenthound under the Herding Group.

Fact 7 The Black Mouth Cur Is Easy To Groom

The Black Mouth Cur is a moderate shedder. Although they shed more twice a year, particularly before winter and summer, they are relatively easy to groom. They don’t need professional groomers to keep their coats fine. In fact, weekly brushing would be enough.

Fact 8 The Black Mouth Cur’s Size And Weight May Vary Depending On Its Purpose

Depending on why they are bred, the Black Mouth Cur’s size widely varies. On average, males weigh between 40 to 95 pounds (18 to 43 kg), while females weigh around 35 to 80 pounds (15 to 36 kg). Their height is typically 16 inches (40 cm).

As mentioned, their purpose is a huge factor for their size and weight. For example, a herding dog weighs 100 pounds or more, that’s around 45 kilograms. Meanwhile, a tree dog may range from 35 to 50 pounds (15 to 22 kg).

Fact 9 The Black Mouth Cur Is Prone To Some Health Issues

Yes, we know that they are very healthy dogs, but Black Mouth Curs may also suffer from health issues, just like everyone else. Some health concerns that you should take into consideration are ear infections, epilepsy, mange, hip dysplasia, and cataracts.

Keep in mind that Black Mouth Curs are active dogs. They love to play outside, especially in the water or in humid areas. Because of this, their ears are prone to dirt, waters, and debris which may lead to ear complications.

To make sure that your dog is healthy, provide him with regular visits to the veterinarian. You may not be aware of it, but your veterinarian may spot signs of health concerns mentioned above.

Diet and exercise are also great factors that may affect your dog’s overall health. Your vet may advise you on how to properly take care of your dog.

Fact 10 The Black Mouth Cur’s Appearance Differs

We learned that Black Mouth Curs’ size varies depending on their purpose. Not only that, their physical appearance may differ as well. In fact, even pups of the same litter can come out with different coats and appearance!

Some Black Mouth Curs have black hair on their muzzle, the very reason why they are given that name, though not all of them have it. In some cases, Black Mouth Curs may also have a “mask” around their face and eyes. They may also have white markings on their face, chest, legs, or tail.

Black Mouth Curs have short coats that are either light or rough to the touch. Their color widely varies from black, brown, red, yellow, or brindle. Their eye colors may be brown, green, or yellow.


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