African Lion vs Hyena Fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between African Lion vs Hyena?

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In the immense savannahs, there are two everlasting enemies live, who at instants steal the foods of others and kill the other younger animals as well. For knowing about these animals, you can watch this guide correctly which allows you to gather useful details about the Hyenas and African Lions. Also, you can know the fight comparison between African lion vs Hyena.

Some instants, it occurs that African lions get fully exhausted after killing their prey, so they take rest for some time as well as get back the breath before they enjoy the meal. In between, the hyenas also smell the new blood and take some necessary action to eat it. For getting the foods, the hyenas are prepared even to challenge these big cats.

African lion vs Hyena

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The only plus that these hyenas include is that lions are sufficiently tired after a kill or chase, and another advantage is that the hyenas have always come in an incredibly huge group. Commonly, when hyenas attract lions, they do this thing in a big team so they hyenas can easily outnumber many lions.

The Lions are considered as large animals, but they are forced to find some challenges from hyenas.  These kinds of competitions are created mostly for food. The trouble is that two of these animals hunt same prey, cover approximately the similar ground and are the hunters of the similar animal remains, hence, both have competition among them. Whoever succeeds the fight can eat on the huge meal.

Useful facts about African lion

African lions are the tawny colored and massive predator of the cat family. The Lions are the tallest species of big cats.

The ultimate predator as well as an awesomely beautiful creature, the male lion includes the flamboyant ruff of amazingly long hair completely around the neck and head called as the mane that starts to grow when the Lions are about ten months old. The primary purpose of mane is to bring protection in the battle with other lions

The color of lion is linked to the testosterone levels

Useful details of Hyenas

Hyenas are dog-like, large carnivores. They live in sub-deserts, grasslands, savannas and the forests of Asia and Africa.

They differ in size, The gigantic hyenas are spotted with 31 inches in shoulder height and 35 kg in weight.

The female hyenas are more dominant and larger than male hyenas. They live in large and territorial clans which can include about 80 members.

Hyenas use different signals, postures, and sounds to communicate with other hyenas

Comparison of African Lions and Hyenas

For gathering additional details regarding the hyenas and African lions, you can carefully compare the individual characters of these two animal species. Below comparison table helps you to know the different features of Hyena vs African lion without any difficulties.

The average weight, tail length, body length, shoulder height, intelligent, stamina, force, techniques and lifetime will vary from each other so that you can check these useful aspects carefully.  Here are the major differences between an African lion and striped hyena as follow:

AnimalsStriped HyenaAfrican Lion
SpeciesH. hyaenaP.leo
Body Length & Average Head33 to 51 inch6 ft 1 inch
Tail Length9.8 to 15.7 inch3 ft 2 inch
Average Weight35 kg180 kg
Shoulder height24 to 31 inch3 ft 8 inch
AreaEast and North Africa, the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Central AsiaAfrica
Average lifetime12 years13 years


African lions are larger in size than hyenas as well as have more power too when compared to the hyenas. The male African lion can develop up to the appropriate weight of roughly a great deal of 500 lbs as well as its overall length can also go approximately about eight ft. The interesting thing that these animals do not destroy each other to fulfill their food requirements, but what lions and hyenas do is a battle with each other for getting the ownership of a large meal which already hunted down.

Apart from that, the Lions have rarely discovered alone, making the process even more complicated for the predator for hunting them down.  Because of their enormous size and living together, however, makes them invincible, but at instances, a powerful hyena group can easily kill the lion.

The lion pride can be of two  or lions can also go roughly about 40 individuals also. The lioness can camouflage easily as well as go into the animal herd without their note as well as when an aim is set; they leap attack immediately. The overall speed that lion can reach is roughly about 50 mph regardless of their big size. The Lions are agile, and these animal species do not include any issues in the sprinting long.

When it comes to hyenas, these animals can go about the overall length of five feet.   A solo hyena does not scare the victim, but when hyenas are on a team, they are the group to be thoroughly scared of. The pride of hyenas is the twice of lions which are a group of hyenas includes 80 animals. The hyenas have powerful jaw as well as when hyenas attack as a team they are an extremely deadly creature in the word.

In the clan of a hyena, you will discover female species to be highly active and dominating. They can quickly eat the bones and hooves of prey due to the powerful jaws which they have. However, they eat everything, but hyenas are not capable of digesting the horns and hooves entirely. Hence, these are divided into small materials.

Never go above the hyena’s size because the size alone does not define the overall power that they have as the predator. Hyenas put up an incredibly powerful battle against the Lions.

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