Andean Condor vs California Condor fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between Andean Condor vs California Condor?

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Birds are extremely amazing and beautify the god’s creature. There are many kinds of bird’s species in the entire world. Mainly, the same birds can differ based on the living circumstance and region. Here, you can well know the comparison between Andean Condor vs. California condor.

Facts about Andean Condor:-

Andean Condor is one among the longest wingspan of every raptor. It is the modern vulture looks different than a female vulture. The male includes large comb over his head as well as female condor lack. The Andean Condor obtains pride of many South American Countries national bird like Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia.

The inhabits of the Andean Condor specifically in the bigger and lofty mountain range Pacific Coast region in Western South America. It also established in northwestern Venezuela and Colombia and somewhere in the South to Tierra del Fuego. The large hunter can be perceived soaring lofty montane canyons as well mountains all over the Andes or Southern part. It often flies above grassland regions and searches for the prey.

The Andean Condors specially built for flying effortlessly and soars for longer periods steady and without wasting a huge amount of energy. They want to flap their large and bigger wings occasionally. It also has the ability to float on the air well at the same place and their wings flying with less pull or in an air resistance.

The Andean Condor looks black bodies, featherless heads, and white neck ruff. Juveniles have grayish brown without white neck nuff and visible difference in physical characteristics and size among male condor and female condor. Mainly, male condor has yellow eyes and females have red eyes. It is a carrion eater eat animals, which already dead and eat newborn animals like goat and cows. It mainly keeps the environment safe by eating dead animals and large size dominant all other avian hunters at a carcass.

Interesting facts about California Condor:-

California Condor is one of the leading giant birds in the globe and North America largest bird in the list. Now, the Condor survives in the eastern region of California, Arizona and southern California. It can fly higher around 3.5 to 4.5 feet and obtain weight in pounds 18 to 31. The length of the California condor wingspan reaches from 9 to 10 feet.

It has powerful ability to fly in the warm air and strong sunny climate conditions. It can reach an unbelievable height from the ground around 15000 feet and the whole body layered with black feathers, bald head and a little hair on the head on some.

The condor head skin changes the color along with reflects emotional. It eats dead animals, possible infections of bacteria, bald head prevents bonding rotten meat on the head. It is a vulture prefers remains cattle, sheep, and deer. In addition to, the condor eats smaller animals like rabbits and rodents on major occasions.

It is a huge appetite needs short period rest for next flying round. It can travel in a day around 150 miles specifically for searching prey. In their diet, the condors will focus only on the essential animals and eliminate the carcasses by cleaning in nature as well as avoid diverse diseases spreading in the environment.

It doesn’t have a good smell, but amazing eyesight to a longer distance. It forms nests in the rock crevices or under the rocks. The newborn Condor will fly after six months of age, and it waits for the proficient flyer, and the growing chick will settle with their parents for few months. It will reproduce each second year and obtain long lifespan in the right conditions. It can live around 60 years consistently.

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Compare Andean Condor vs California Condor:-

Andean Condorvs vs California Condor

AnimalsHoney badgerWolverine
Average Length55-77 cm65-107 cm
Average Tail12-30 cm17-26 cm
Average Height23-27 cm30-45 cm
AreaSub-saharan Africa Indian peninsula, western capeNorthern hemisphere,Europe, US, Canada, Siberia, Russia
HabitatElf-dug holesWintry habitat in northern rocky area
TeethPowerful jaws, irregular developmentStrong teeth and claws
Weight9-16 Kg9-25 kg
Average Life Span24 years5-13 years

Both the Andean Condor and California Condors are extremely powerful, diverse skills and huge competition. The regional variation may keep the California condor winner. Many people have been taking a look at the beautiful and deadlier bird’s features and their unique ability for various purposes.

Andean Condor vs California Condor Fight comparison

The Andean and California Condors are bigger in size, fly longer period, fly several places under any conditions. Some of the few features keep the California condor unique and beat the Andean condor. Nevertheless, both the condor engaged in the vulture list and has a deadlier face and sharpens eyes.

Not, even a single prey miss on their target and sharpen eyes deep focus and never rest without capture the prey. It will quickly reach the ground at the top speed and moves straightforward with full focus on the prey. Make use of the complete comparison of both Andean Condor vs California condor to encounter the needs.

Many possibilities to hunt the vulture family for several uses and is strictly prohibited in many regions. The main aim of protecting the vulture species has to increase the number of species in an effective manner by awareness and public efforts.

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