Asian Elephant vs African Elephant fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win the fight between Asian Elephant vs African Elephant?

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Elephant is a stunning, beautiful and one of the most important terrestrial animals on earth. It comes under the family of Elephantidae. The elephant is split into two subgroups- Asian Elephant whose species is Elephas and other one is African Elephant whose species is Loxodonta. Here we will compare Asian vs African elephant characteristics.

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What are the interesting facts about Asian Elephant?

Asian Elephant is known as Asiatic elephant and they are further divided into 3 subspecies which are the Indian elephant, Sumatran elephant, and Sri Lankan elephant. Elephants are continually close to a source of fresh water due to the fact they need to drink at least a day.

Which is the smallest type of Elephant?

The Sri Lankan elephants are the smallest species of their family Elephantidae with a length of seventeen to twenty feet along with their head and trunk.

Do Elephants stay in groups?

Asian elephants are extremely sociable, forming groups of six to seven related females that are led by way of the oldest female, the matriarch. Like African elephants, Asian elephants occasionally become part of other groups to form herds.

What is the difference between Asian and African Elephant?

Both the Asian and African Bull Elephants  are with equal sized of tusks; however, the African elephants have a slightly thicker tusk than Asian Bull elephant. The Asian elephant will have a tougher trunk with smaller ears and the African elephant have greater ears and a trunk that is less hard.

Asian elephants have hemispherical bulges on their brow while the African elephant have a flattened brow. Asian elephant trunk has one finger for holding things, and on the other hand African elephants have finger at trunk stop which provides them a robust grip.

What does Asian Elephant eat?

Cultivated plants together with bananas, rice and sugarcane are their favourite meals. More than one-third of an elephant’s day may be spent feeding on grasses, but large quantities of the tree roots, bark, small stems, and leaves are also consumed by them.

How to identify Asian Elephant?

They can be easily identified by their small spherical ears as compared to the African elephant which has large spherical ears covering their neck and shoulder. Asian elephants have some patches of depigmentation on head, neck, and ears while African elephants don’t any patches of depigmentation.

Are Asian Elephants endangered?

They have been listed as endangered animals by the IUCN because they are extensively hunted for their tusks.

How long does an Elephants live?

On average African elephant can live up to fifty-two years in the wild and sixty-five years in captivity whereas the Asian elephant may live up to sixty years in the wild and seventy-eight years in captivity.

What are some interesting facts about African Elephant?

The African elephant is the biggest land animal on Earth. Their herds wander through thirty-seven nations in Africa. They are effortlessly recognized with the aid of their trunk this is used for communication and dealing with gadgets.

What are the different species of African Elephant?

They are divided into two species: one is African forest elephant and another is African bush elephant. African elephant of Loxodonta genus have larger round ears than Asian elephant of genus Elephas, which covers their neck and shoulders and help them in to stay cool.

Is African Elephant bigger than Asian Elephant?

African elephants are taller, larger and heavier than Asian elephants. Their huge ears permit them to fan off the hear. Higher incisor enamel turns into tusks in African elephants and grows at some point in their lifetime.

Both the African and Asian elephants are intelligent animals but the Asian elephants are a bit smarter than African elephant because they’re in more contact with human beings. African elephants have extra wrinkled frame skin while Asian elephants have smoother pores and skin.

Do female Elephants have tusks?

Both male and female African elephants have tusks. However, among Asian elephants only the male elephants have tusks and the female elephants don’t.

How do Elephants reproduce?

Common gestation period for African elephant is close to 2 years although the average gestation period for an Asian elephant is nineteen to twenty-two months.

Are African Elephants endangered?

They are listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN because their population has dwindled due to habitat loss and hunting. It is estimated that at least one-third of the full African elephant population is made of forest elephants.

Woodland elephants, a wonderful subspecies of African elephants, are uniquely tailored to the forest habitat of the Congo Basin are in sharp decline because of poaching for ivory.

Comparison between Asian Elephant and African Elephant:

Both elephants have dissimilarity in their ears, head, frame wrinkles, toenails, tusks and form. Leaves, trees, and timber are the principle supply of meals for African elephant. However, Asian elephants specifically feed on grasses, small stems, and tree bark. Before going in details about these entire dissimilarities, take a look at the information below:

asian elephant vs african elephant

AnimalsAsian ElephantAfrican Elephant
Average Body Length19 ft.23 ft.
Max Tail Length148 cm151 cm
Average Weight 5.5 ton 6.5 ton
Skin ColorDark Grey/Brown with wrinkledGrey/Brown with smoother
BackConvex or levelConcave
Average Life Span66 years57 years

African elephants have a concave lower back while Asian elephants have convex or flat level back. African elephant with twenty-one pairs has more ribs than Asian elephant which has twenty pairs.

We can also derive that the African elephants have more strength and power than Asian elephants because of their habitat and environment.

They are robustly built because in Africa they have to stroll miles for water and meal as compared to Asia where meal and water is easier to get in the lush green forests.

Asian Elephant vs. African Elephant – Who will win the fight?

A lot of people want to know that who between these mighty beats has the potential to win the fight. We have gone through both the Asian and African elephant’s facts, characteristics and conduct.

At last, it can be concluded that if both elephants will be in a face to face fight than there may be seventy percent more chance of African elephant triumphing over the Asian elephant.


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