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Who will win the fight between Buffalo vs Cow?

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One of the most interesting fights to watch is animal fights. Only the strong ones win because here there are no weapons.  Cows and buffaloes are very similar so let us compare how their fight would end if they decided to have one. We’ll start by examining some facts that you might not be aware of about the two animals. Here you know Cow vs Buffalo comparison and difference

buffalo vs cow

What are interesting facts on Buffalo?

Buffaloes are large mammals, members of the family Bovidae. Buffaloes are of two types, the African buffalo also known as Cape buffalo and the Asian buffalo also known as water buffalo.  Buffaloes are mostly confused with another similar animal called bison which is closely related to the buffalo. The bison are found in North America and are a bit hairy and larger than the buffalo.

What is the size, length and weight of a buffalo?

The size can be of great importance when it comes to determining the animal to win a fight. Water buffaloes are generally larger than the cape buffaloes. They have a length of 8 to 9 feet from head to the rump with a massive weight of about 1,500 to 2650 lbs. (700 to 1200 kilograms).

When you compare it with the average human body weight which is 137 pounds (62 kg), you’ll realize how heavy this animal can be. The African buffalo is a little bit smaller though still impressive in size.

Water buffalo is quite tame and has actually been domesticated in some parts of Asia, unlike their African counterparts which are quite aggressive and hot-tempered. This makes them very hard to be domesticated. Buffaloes especially the African buffalo have sharp horns which they use to gore other animals when disturbed.  They even gore each other when fighting against each other.

Buffaloes are considered one of the most dangerous animals as they gore over 200 people every year. They are also known to attack other animals while in large crowds and even killing them.

What are interesting facts of Cow?

Am sure most of us have come across with a cow at least a few times in life and are quite familiar with the animal.

Cows are in the same family as the Buffaloes, theBovidae.  Cows are social animals which makes them easy to domesticate. They are important animals in many households because they provide us with milk and meat.

What is the size, length and weight of a cow?

The size of a cow is determined by its breed. There are different breeds of cows that do exist, the common ones being:

Holstein, Hereford, Shorthorn, Angus, Simmental, Ayrshire and Friesian

The biggest breed is Chianina.  The size of this breed is quite impressive as they can reach a height of 2 meters and weigh more than 1700 kg.  Other large cattle breeds being south Devon and Maine. Did you know the tallest cow in the world is a Holstein and stands at a staggering height of 190 cm?

A bull typically weighs 1700 to 1800 pounds. Bulls are more muscular than cows and have thicker bones and larger feet. They have horns which they don’t hesitate to use when needed to gore a disturbing animal.

Cow vs Buffalo fight comparsion- who will win?

A cow is no match for a buffalo in any way. Buffaloes are able to tackle dangerous animals and have even killed some of their predators. It even takes several lions to kill a mature buffalo. A buffalo is capable of goring a cow to death due to its powerful and sharp horns.

And therefore cows can’t stand the power and aggressiveness possessed by the buffalo. This results in the buffalo winning if they were to go one on one with a cow. I hope you like reading an article on buffalo vs cow difference.


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