African Buffalo vs African lion fight comparison- who would win?

Who will win the fight between African Buffalo vs African lion?

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Buffaloes are one of the most interesting animals to watch. It’s even more interesting to watch them gore each other or gore other animals. But have you ever thought how it would be when they fight with the king of the jungle? A fight that all of us would love to watch, a fight between African buffalo vs african lion.

This article will help you know which of the two animals is likely to win in the event of a fight. But before that let’s first look at the individual characteristics that can contribute to the success of each of the animals.

african buffalo vs african lion

which Buffalo is known as Cape Buffalo?

The African buffalo, also known as the cape buffalo, is the most feared animal by hunters. The African buffalo is mostly confused and sometimes referred to as the water buffalo. These are actually two different animals. Water buffalo are buffaloes found in Asian countries. They are different in personality as they are mild in character compared to their aggressive and hot-tempered cousins.

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How Long does African Buffalo live?

The African buffalo lives in swamps and in the plains of the major parks in Africa. It has a lifespan of about 20 years. Buffaloes are herbivores and are social animals that live in large herds of about 50-1000 animals. This makes it hard for the carnivores to hunt them.

What are interesting facts on African lion?

Lion (panther Leo), is a species of the family Felidae which comprises mostly cats. It’s actually the second largest cat in the world after the Siberian tiger.

What is average weight, color and life span of African lion?

The African males are generally larger than the females and they actually weigh about 150 to 250 kgs(331 to 551 lb). The males have a mane which differentiates the female and the male. The color of he mane ranges from blonde to black, becoming darker as it gets older. The Lion has a lifespan of about 10 to 14 years in the wild. The gestation period is 100 to 120 days giving birth to 1 to 6 cubs.

What does African lion eat?

Lions are carnivores generally feeding on antelopes, zebras, hippos and other grazers. They rarely feed on human beings except when they are sick and cant hunt big games. A group of lions is called a pride, which consists of five to six lions. Lions have amazing speeds. They can run can run up to 81 km/h. They also have powerful legs, teeth, and jaws for grabbing pulling down and killing their prey.

When it comes to size lions are 3.5 to 4 feet tall. The males have a length of up to 10 feet weighing 330 to 350 pounds while the females weigh 256 to 395 pounds. Just like the human being, male and female lions have different responsibilities. The female does the hunting while the male lions protect their territory.

African lion vs African Buffalo fight comparison- who will win?

We all know that lions at times eat buffaloes. But it sometimes takes many lions to bring down a fully grown Cape buffalo. Their bodies are heavily built with thick stocky legs. They also have horns which are hook-shaped curving downwards. The horns actually grow up to 160 cm.

So its never happens that easy. African buffaloes are hard animals to capture due to their unpredictable and aggressive behavior and one lion cannot handle a fully grown African buffalo. The Buffalo uses its horns for self-defense against predators.

The lion, on the other hand, has very sharp teeth and strong jaws but they are no match for the buffalo’s powerful horns.  The lion can’t be killed by the buffalo but can never win against the buffalo. Taking down a fully grown buffalo is a hard task for the lion except with the help of other lions. So here the buffalo wins with serious injuries from the lion. I hope you like comparison on Buffalo vs Lion.


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