Ostrich vs emu vs Flamingo difference and comparison

Who will win the fight- Ostrich, Emu or Flamingo?

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Apart from animals and human beings, birds are one of the most beautiful and elegant living beings on the earth with a unique ability to fly. It took a man a lot of technology, time, study, human resources, efforts and lots of investment to introduce aeroplane or helicopters or rockets which flies in the air and here are birds blessed with this unique ability naturally. Here we are comparing Ostrich vs emu vs Flamingo birds.

There are thousands of birds species few are distinct and few are with different physical, social and ecological behaviour. Birds are native to different regions and migrate to a few other areas.

ostrich vs emu vs flamingo

They can survive in some limited climatically conditions and feed on a variety of food depending upon behaviour and availability. Here we shall study the Comparison between Ostrich vs Emu vs Flamingo.

Which is the world tallest bird?

Ostrich is in the list of worlds top 10 most dangerous birds. Ostrich is known as worlds tallest and fastest bird on the land with the binomial name Struthio camelus.

How fast Ostrich runs in an hour?

Unlike other birds they are flightless, but the speed is stunning 55km/h, is the fastest speed over any other bird on the land.

What is height of Ostrich?

Ostrich is the tallest bird with a height of 2.1 – 2.8 m in adult male and 1.7 – 2 m in an adult female. They have a very long neck and legs.

Can ostrich really bury their head in hand?

It’s a myth that ostrich bury their heads in the sand, but this is false.

What does Ostrich eat?

Ostrich is very aggressive and defends its territory. They live a nomadic lifestyle in the group of 5 to 50 birds. Ostrich can eat anything, and everything from seeds to plants to lizards to frogs are all in their plates. Ostrich is omnivorous. Ostrich makes their water and can stay for days without water.

Can Ostrich kill a lion?

Ostrich fights violently with kicking out their sturdy legs which are so strong and kill an animal like a lion.

What are interesting facts of Emu?

Emu after ostrich is a second largest and fastest bird on the land, member of genus Dromaius. Emus binomial name is Dromaius novaehollandiae.

What is the average height of Emu?

Emus have quite similar characteristics of ostrich-like long neck and legs. Their height is probably up to 1.9 meters.

How fast Emu runs?

Their speed is 50 km/h that’s truly amazing.

How much litres water Emu consume in a day?

Emu needs lots of water to survive they drink lots of water; 9 to 10 litre per day. Emus can go smoothly for weeks without eating anything. Emus are quite lazy and peace-loving birds though females fight for male for mating and breed in May and June. The emu is the only bird with calf muscles and fewer bones in legs, unlike other birds. They live and travel peacefully in pairs or groups.

Can Emu swims in water?

Emus are the single bird which is very human-friendly. Emus can swim very well.

What does Emu eat?

Emus eat fruits, seeds, plants and insects and even swallow small stones as well.

What are interesting facts of Flamingo?

Flamingo from the Phoenicopteridae family and phoenicopterus species, with the four species in America the Caribbean, two are found native to Africa, Asia and Europe.

What is length, size, height and weight of Flamingo?

The height differs in flamingo; great flamingo has a height of 3.9 to 4.7 feet with the weight approximately around 7.7 pounds while the shortest flamingo has a height of 2.6 feet and weight around 5.5 pounds.

How Famingo is of beautiful color?

In zoos, Flamingos are fed with a variety of food to maintain their general health and unique pink colour. Their beautiful colour is due to a diet high in alpha and beta carotenoid pigments, including canthaxanthin.

What does Flamingos eat?

Flamingos eat algae, diatoms and aquatic plants. Always in water with head down searching for food, flamingos catch their food with the help of their legs. Flamingos live in a group very peaceful in their territories. They are mud lovers. Flamingos spend their days and nights rest.

Ostrich vs Emu vs Flamingo fight comparison- who will win?

After studying the Comparison between Ostrich vs Emu vs Flamingo, If we imagine a fight between ostrich, emu and flamingo, then there are 90% chances that ostrich will be the winner as they are very aggressive and violent and are great fighters who can quickly kill their enemies with sharp kicks which can lead to the death of even a lion. 


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