Chimpanzee vs Bonobo fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight- Bonobo or Chimpanzee?

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Within 8.7 species on the Earth here comes the Pan species that resembles 99 % of human genes. It may be aggressive and dominant nature of chimpanzees or kind and understanding nature of Bonobo; We have all that! Have ever thought about the fight, Chimpanzee vs Bonobo who will win? Here are some details about these animals to get the answer.

What are interesting facts on Chimpanzee?

The Chimpanzee ( Pan troglodytes ) is a species of great ape. Chimpanzee is also known as Robust Chimpanzee or common Chimpanzee. The physical strength of Chimpanzee is 1.5 times greater than human.

What are interesting facts on Bonobo?

The Bonobo ( Pan Paniscus ) is a large species that is only found in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo in central Africa. Bonobo is five times stronger than a human male. Bonobo lives in the combo, Bonobos are lesser-known and always mistaken for as chimps.

Bonobo vs chimpanzee

Chimpanzee vs Bonobos difference and comparison

Chimps and Bonobos are two separate species with unique physical and social behavior and characteristics. Though they share 99.6 % genome, they have enormous physical and social differences . There are lots of differences between chimpanzee and bonobo, the detailed comparison is given below-

Chimpanzee is led by an alpha male and is aggressive and truly violent, first secures dominance through fighting. In chimps, the highest-ranking male is allowed to have sex with females and Females dominate bonobos and keep peace through sex. Bonobos are much likely to keep the peace by offering sex, In Bonobo, everyone has sexual freedom, and sex occurs between all combinations of genders and ages.

Chimpanzees are aggressive while bonobos are peace-loving. Bonobos, don’t tend to evolve in battles.

Chimpanzee hunt monkeys and sometimes even eat the infants of other chimpanzees. Bonobos have not seen to hunt, use tools or exhibit lethal aggression. Bonobos are Lovemaking as they live in the place with adequate food for them and don’t need to fight with gorillas or other animals for their living.

Chimp keeps very strict group boundaries, which they viciously defend. Chimps are dominated by an alpha male and kill each other. Homosexual acts are very common among female bonobos and maintain social dominance over the male; bonobos are allowed to have sex in their territories and even mate across community lines.

Chimps and bonobo sizes do overlap quite a bit; a chimp is more powerfully-built where the Bonobo is slender. Bonobos have higher-pitched voices, and chimps tend to scream and grunt. A bonobo has red lips and little ears while Chimpanzee has brown lips with face-changing accordingly with age.

Is Chimpanzee larger than Bonobos?

Common Chimpanzee can be larger than bonobos. Adult male weights 88 – 132 lb and stands 3.3 – 5.6 ft while Bonobos weight at 75 – 132 lb with a height just under 4 ft. Both Pan species identify unique human features.

Chimps vs Bonobos Fight comparison- who will win?

When it comes to fighting in between both, Bonobos are smart player apart from sex lovers. They form a chain or group with the help of other female Bonobo’s though they believe in Love, not war when it comes to taking some action they are in charge.

Though Chimpanzee can scare them with his male-dominant egoistic look Bonobo’s are smart players too they can confuse the angry-looking Chimpanzee! Though a chimpanzee can defeat a bonobo, Bonobo also can fight as he is stronger than Chimpanzee.

Bonobos believe in teamwork and lock the Chimpanzee to confuse him in the intense seduction. Bonobos love group or homosexual, they offer favor sex instead of a heated war unlike chimps as they first want to create a dominant or violent impression though he is confused with strong seductions.

Chimps can surely lose the battle if gets evolved in the sexual act as bonobos are in the team and are way more powerful than chimps! So we know if chimpanzee vs Bonobo Fight happens who will win!


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