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Most of us are confused with the appearance of Leopard and Jaguar as both look similar. However, there are many numbers of dissimilarities found between these two. Leopard and Jaguar are from the same genus called Panthera but they have different habitat and regions of living. So, it is worthy to compare Leopard vs Jaguar fight, who will win.

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Based on the physical appearance both the Leopard and Jaguar are stronger and runs at a higher speed to catch the prey. We are going to see the facts, comparison, how to identify the Leopard and Jaguar in the below article.

Jaguar vs Leopard

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Facts About Jaguar:

Jaguar is the largest cat in the family Felidae. Jaguar weighs up to 100 kg and has the head and body length of 5 ft 6 inch. Jaguar is the 3rd largest cat after Tiger and Lion that are roaming in the world. Jaguar could make a fierce and stronger bite force when compared to other small and large cats in the world. In fact, it is helpful for cracking or crushing even larger leatherback sea turtle shells.

Jaguars have the compact body, powerful jaws, and broadhead. Coat of a Jaguar will be yellow and tan normally. Colour of the Jaguar varies from black to reddish brown. Spots of a Jaguar on the coat will be more solid with black on its head and neck. Larger rosette-shaped patterns are seen along to its side as well as to the back of its body.

Jaguars could easily beat any kind of wild animal on the same size and weight as they are the top fighter in the pound for pound category. Leopards are comparatively much smaller compared to Jaguars, however; defeating the leopard is not an easier task as leopards are intelligent and clever animals.

Jaguars are the most solitary animals that live and hunt. Male Jaguars aggressively protects their home range as well as a resident of the females from other males. Jaguars are only found in the Southern and Central America.

Facts About Leopard:

Leopards are the smallest of the four “big cats,” and member of the Felidae family. When compared to the tiger, lion, and jaguar, the Leopards are quite smaller in size. In fact, there are 9 recognized subspecies of the Leopard. All subspecies can be found in Asia, South Asia, and India except the African leopard. Leopard is apex predator that preys in jungles and they are strong competitors in the Africa and Asia jungles.

Africa leopard could face predators such as lions, hyena, bear, wild dogs and cheetah. Leopards are quite strong as compared to its physical description as they are much shorter in the height. Leopards could climb up the tree vertically carrying the animal carcass with heavier weight.

Leopard brings their prey up in branches of a tree for eating and protecting them from any other
scavengers and predators. Leopards are considered as the nocturnal animals so that they are much more active during the night and during the day they would rest in the tree or thick brush. These animals are quite solitary and prefer to live alone. Leopards is good swimmers and very agile and they could also leap more than 20 feet.

Both the Leopard and Jaguar are solitary hunters. Jaguar hunts and preys on the deer, ungulate, anacondas, capybaras and caiman. African leopard hunts and preys on wild pigs, monkeys,
antelopes, African rock python and porcupine. Asian leopard preys on the barking deer, chital, wild goat, Capra as well as antelopes.

How to identify Jaguar and Leopard?

Jaguar and Leopard could be easily identified through height, rosettes, body mass and head. Leopards are smaller and densely packed when compared to the Jaguar. Leopards are smaller than jaguars and the skull of the Jaguar would be bigger when compared to Leopard. Leopard has smaller legs than Jaguar.

Jaguar Vs Leopard Comparison:

Below mentioned comparison is based on complete research and exactly shown the difference
between them.

Average Head & Body Length5 ft 1 inch5 ft 6 inch
Tail Length3 ft 1 inch2 ft 5 inch
Average Weight70 kg100 kg
AreaAfrica, South and East AsiaCentral America and
South America
Average Life Span14 years13 years

Winning Facts About Leopard Vs Jaguar:

Based on the physical appearance, Jaguar will be longer, heavier and stronger than the Leopard. The bite force of a Jaguar is powerful when compared to the other big cats and it is helpful for crushing down the bones with a single bite. Leopards could easily climb trees vertically even carrying animal carcass that are double to its size and weight.

Leopards bite force will be equal or 0.2% less than that of Jaguar. Extremely powerful jaws with the
muscular body of a Jaguar could make it even fierce that leopard. Leopards are considered as more clever and intelligent than Jaguars. In fact, the Jaguars could easily climb trees and hunt its prey, unlike other cats.

According to experts both the Leopard and Jaguar is considered as the best pound for pound hunter or fighter. Majority of the expertise votes the Jaguar for the best contender based on the pound for pound hunter.

Head to Head Fight: Jaguar vs Leopard Fight

When challenging a head to head fight between the Jaguar and Leopard, there is no doubt that the Jaguar would win its fight. In fact, it is considered as the much brutal fight of both the leopard and jaguar so there is no chance for the leopard to escape.

Jaguar can effortlessly kill a Leopard based on the close quarters. Primary strategy of Leopard is the
rundown of prey animals that are smaller than its size. Leopard is relatively non-aggressive and loses their meals to lions, hyenas as well as other predatory animals.

I hope you like reading an article on Leopard vs Jaguar fight.

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