Jaguar Vs Alligator Fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between Alligator vs jaguar?

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Many animal lovers are excited about the Jaguar Vs Alligator Fight, Jaguar belongs to family to big cats and Alligator belongs to reptiles family, It is interesting to see clash between Alligator vs Jaguar.

In general, the Jaguar is another big cat species , which is smaller only to the lion and tiger in terms of size and also belongs to Panthera genus. The Jaguar is the third largest cat which has some powerful abilities. But the alligator also has its own strength and characteristics.

Jaguar vs Alligator

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Jaguar vs Leopard size comparison

A Jaguar looks like a leopard in terms of physical appearance but the Jaguar is completely different from Leopard. Most importantly, it is larger than the leopard. Overall Jaguars are fearsome predators and will hunt anything from fish, reptiles, and frogs to livestock, cows, and deer.

What is weight, tail, height and size of Jaguar?

The female jaguars are 10-20% smaller than male jaguars and its average weight is around 56–96 kg whereas the maximum weight of the Jaguar recorded is around 160 kg. Usually, Jaguar has the shortest tail, and it will be 18 to 30 inches.

Where is Jaguar found?

Currently, Jaguar is found in South and Central America. Earlier Jaguars were found from Mexico to northern Argentina, but was wiped out there by the 1940s due to hunting.

How strong is a Jaguar’s bite?

Normally, Jaguars have incredibly powerful jaws and a strong skull, so much that it can easily crack a sea turtle’s shell.

Where does Jaguar live?

Jaguars are solitary animals, but it can also survive in many different habitats. Jaguars are mainly found near water, and it also prefers swampland or tropical rainforest. They can also survive in forests, scrub, and grassland comfortably.

What does Jaguar eat?

Jaguars are carnivores, so it can only eat meat. Usually, Jaguars will use their speed and stealth to attract other animals in the wild. Most importantly it takes down deer, monkeys, peccary, birds, frogs, alligators, fish, and small rodent with its stealth. Sometimes Jaguars also hunt domestic livestock.

Is  Alligator is same as crocodile?

Alligator is one of the popular types of Crocodile, and this animal also comes under crocodilian genus. There are two types of Alligator in the wild which is the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligator. Alligators are very powerful and it have great stamina.

How big is an Alligator?

Mostly, the adult American Alligator weighs around 790 lb which means it will be around 360 kg.

Do Alligators stay in groups?

Usually, Alligators are social creatures so they stay in groups called congregations. They can be seen basking in the sun or taking a swim. Typically, alligators can’t control their temperature internally, so they need this kind of places where they can do sunbathing. When they are hot, they also go for a swim.

Where does Alligator hunt?

Alligators prefer to hunt in the water. In water they can swim very quickly using their tails which makes it easier for them to catch prey.  Apart from that, American alligators can swim up to 20 mph and run very fast on land as well.

What does an Alligator eat?

Alligators are opportunistic feeders. It has a different diet that includes prey species that are abundant and easily accessible. Notably, Juvenile alligators eat insects, small fish, invertebrates, Amphibians, etc. The adult alligators prefer to eat rough fish, small mammals, birds, snakes, turtles, etc.

Jaguar Vs Alligator Comparison

The detailed comparison between Jaguar vs Alligator is given below-

AnimalsJaguar Alligator


WeaponsString jawJaw and paw
Average Head & Body Length5 ft 6 inch 6 to 12 feet long
Average Weight110-120 kg360 kg
AreaMexico to northern Argentina America and china
Average Life Span12 – 15 years30 – 50 years

Alligator vs Jaguar fight comparison- who will win?

In most conditions, the jaguar will beat its opponent easily. Alligator is a reptile, so it can’t use its legs in the fight whereas Jaguar can..

When it comes to fighting, both of them will fiercely attack each, but many times the alligator gets injured severely.

American Alligators are huge in size, so it may dominate over Jaguar in some situations, but not in every situation. Most of the times Jaguar will beat the alligator easily because this big cat has greater power and stamina than the alligator. Alligator’s main weapon is their jaws whereas Jaguars can use both jaws and paws.

America Jaguars often hunt alligators but the competition will be tough when the alligator is quite large. Nonetheless, the Jaguar has more power and capability so it will win the fight. With speed, and stealth Jaguar will win the fight. So Jaguar is the winner in this fight.


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