Frog vs Toad vs Turtle fight comparison and difference

Who will win the fight- Frog, Toad or Turtle?

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Vastly of the people don’t know many things like difference, comparisons, between frogs, toads and turtles. In this article, I’ll say you the difference and similarity between frogs, toads and turtles.

Frogs come under the category of amphibians, and it has moist skin. Toads also appear under the classification of amphibians, and it has dry skin. When compared frogs with toads, largely they have similar properties, and they are identical in many ways. Turtles arrive under the category of reptiles because they can able to withstand in both water and surface.

What are interesting facts about Frog?

Frogs are still amphibians which have a moist smooth skin surface .they can live in water and land.

Can Frog survive in water?

Some frogs can only survive in water and some frogs can able to live inland. For reproduction, frogs need a water surface.

Where Frogs lay their eggs?

In water during the reproduction process frogs will lay eggs first then after some days (6-21 days) all the eggs will hatch and develop into tadpole’s .then the tadpoles will grow into a small frog, after some days it will grow into an adult frog.

How many species of Frogs are there?

There are different varieties of frogs in this world. There are over 6,300 species of frogs recorded. In India there are 13 species.

Rare green frog

Several species are:

Golden frog, African clawed frog, Common frog, Wood frog, Green tree frog, Goliath frog, Leopard frog, Grey tree frog, Red-eyed frog, Purple frog, Golden poison frog, Mountain yellow egged frog, Edible frog, Pool frog, Darwin’s frog, Green poison frog, Gliding frog, Tangara frog, Columbia frog, Pouched frog, Golden mantilla, Desert rain frog, Fire-bellied frog

Among different varieties of frog, the red-eyed frog is the most famous.

In these species some of them are poisonous, and some of them are edible frogs, and some of the frogs are non-poisonous.

Why Frog is used for research purposes?

Frogs are the experimental animal, and used for many types of research. With the help of frog skin, some chemical is produced, which is used to resist HIV.

Is Frog is endangered?

Frogs like island forest frog, golden Mantella, Titicaca water frog are some of the endangered species of frog in this world

What are interesting facts of Toads?

As I said above, toads are also amphibians which have dry and soft skin surface. It has many similarities when compared with frogs. The frogs which have dry skin, leathery skin, short and small legs are named as toads.

Why Toads hunt in night time?

Toads can jump higher than the healthy frogs. Toads will be venturing out in night time only because sunlight will dehydrate them faster. So they mostly prefer nighttime searching for food and for venturing out.

Where Toad lay their eggs?

Like the frog, it also laid eggs in water and develops into tadpoles, after that it will grow into adult toads. Some species of toads may breed on the land surface but it just a safe place for producing to protect the eggs laid.

How many types of Toad species are there?

Toads also have many species. Few varieties of toads are as follows:

Rare Toad

Cane toad, Common toad, Colorado River toad, Asian common toad, Common midwife toad, Natterjack toad, Southern toad, Black toad, Oriental fire-bellied toad, Mexican burrowing toad, Great basin spadefoot toad, Rococo toad, Red-spotted toad, Green toad, Texas toad, Oak toad, Smooth sided toad, Canadian toad, Rhineland icteric toad, Dyscophus antongili toad, Oreo phrynellanigra toad

Is Toad is endangered animal?

Some toads like anaxyrus houstonensis, formerly bufo houstonensis are mostly endangered species among the toads.

Is Toads poisonous and dangerous?

Toads are the most dangerous amphibians because it secretes a poisonous gland which is in milky white colour. It will use this toxic substance when it feels panic or threat. They will use these by squeezing it in its surface of the body. Toad poisons widely used as medicine to treat some diseases.

Is Turtle is a reptile or an amphibian?

Turtles come under the category of reptiles which has a bony shell on its outer surface for its protection.

Where do Turtles live?

Turtles can have the capacity to live in both water and land surface.

Where Turtles lay their eggs?

Turtles lay an egg into a nest dig in the sand. They lay eggs only in the sand because the warm temperature is essential to eggs for hatching.

Who are marine turtles?

Turtles which are living in the sea called sea turtles or marine turtles which will lay eggs on beaches from May to September.

Is Turtle can be a pet?

Some people will like a turtle, so they choose the turtle as their pet instead of dogs and cats.

What long does Turtle live?

Turtles have an average life span of 10-80 years. Largest species can able to survive more than 100 years. Sea turtles have the most extended lifespan of more than 152 years. When compared all other turtle’s sea turtles will have the most extended lifespan.

How many species of Turtles are there?

Various category of turtles are as follows:

Rare Turtle seen

Olive ridley turtle, Flatback sea turtle, Softshell turtle, Painted turtle, Diamondback turtle, Wood turtle, Common box turtle, Spotted turtle, Bog turtle, Chicken turtle, Leopard turtle, Red-bellied turtle, Indian star turtle, Arrau turtle, Cane turtle, Angulated turtle, False map turtle

Why people are looking after turtle shells?

Turtle shells widely used for making jewellery, for producing some medicines etc.

Frogs vs Toads vs Turtles difference and comparison

The detailed difference and comparison of Frogs vs Toads vs Turtles are given below-

Skin typeMoistdry Bony shell
SpeciesApprox.4810At least 48More than 356
Living habitWater like ponds, lakes and streamsLand and in field areasMostly in water
ReproductionLay eggs in water and develop into tadpoles, after that grew into an adultSame like frogLay eggs in the sand for keeping eggs in warm temperature for hatching
Life span10-12 years for common frog
10-12 years for common toad
10-15 year for cane toad
Average 10-80 years for regular turtles, sea turtle lives nearly 152 years.

When we distinguished these three, we can’t say which one is best? All the three is best many researches were being taken by many experimenters to find more species.

I donot want to see them fighting. Thus, I am not comparing their fights, strengths and weakness. I leave on you- who will win the fight between Frog vs Toad vs Turtle. You can give your vote in above poll.


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