Turkey vs chicken fight comparison-who will win?

Who will win the fight- Turkey or Chicken?

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Chicken and Turkey, both animals are similar in appearance. People often not able to distinguish between Turkey vs Chicken. Go through the post to know Turkey vs chicken fight comparison and who going to win the fight between them.

Chicken vs turkey fight comparison

How old are turkeys?

Turkey, as a species, maybe older than you think. They are said to be about 450 million years old.

Where you found Turkeys?

Turkeys can be found in countries like Mexico, Alberta, Canada, etc.

How Fast Turkeys run?

Male turkeys are called gobblers and females are hens. Turkeys are awesome quickly runners. They can run as fast as 55 miles per hour. Turkeys are also known for their strong legs. The turkey may look like a docile bird but in actuality is quite the fighters and runner.

Can Turkeys fly?

They can fly but not very high or fast, they cannot fly on altitudes. Turkeys see very well and hear well too. Turkeys look like such dramatic creatures.

What is the diet of Turkey?

A turkey that is fully matured can be about 4 feet in length and weigh 30 pounds or more. Turkeys eat different sorts of seeds, nuts, some fruit, ground beetles, insects, and small lizards. They also eat berries, acorns, snails and small reptiles.

What is length, size and facts of Turkey?

The length of a fully grown turkeys wings can stretch up to 6 feet. Turkeys are loud birds. They have excellent eyesight throughout the day but not that much at night.

Back in the 1930’s turkeys used to be hunted which nearly made them extinct, since then stricter laws have been enforced to save them.

How Turkey looks a like?

Turkeys have beautiful feathers in shades of red, bronze, gold, and green. These quite a shocker but turkeys sleep on barriers to keep themselves from hunters and predators. Turkeys are mainly associated with the American holiday, Thanksgiving. A fun fact about both male and female turkeys is that when they feel threatened, the male will ride, but the female will fly.

What are interesting facts on Chicken?

Chickens are domestic birds; the male or rooster is very different peeking and has various features than hens or the females. The rooster is larger and has extra vibrant feathers. Chickens like turkeys cannot fly high.

They are very useful birds as they serve as food, usefully for breeding and laying eggs. They’re great for people in the poultry industry. Just like the turkeys, the rooster is extremely loud. When chicken feels threatened, they will try to fly but can’t stay in the air for long.

Hens are one of the most persevering and strong-headed. It is said so because when hens lay eggs, sometimes they refuse to move and incubate the eggs without eating or moving through.

How long does Chicken live?

Chickens can live up to 7-20 years. Chickens are also used in cockfights around the world.

What are different breeds of chicken?

There are different breeds of chickens such as New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Asil and many more. Asil is a special breed of chicken that is used for cockfights.

What does Chicken eat?

Chickens eat seeds, herbs, creepy crawly insects and even mice. This makes them omnivores. Domestic chickens have a special diet that’s full of protein.

How do turkeys and chickens reproduce?

During mating season, the male turkey or gobblers are also called tom, performs a courtship dance to court the female or hen. Gobblers fan out their details like peacocks to show off their bright, beautiful feathers to enchant the female.

The gobbler then mates with the hen, the hen then looks for a cosy nesting spot. The female lays eggs for 11 days and the eggs hatch in about less than a month.  Chickens reproduce in the same way, but the hen’s eggs hatch in 21 days. Sometimes female turkeys that are domestic have to be inseminated artificially. 

Turkey vs Chicken fight comparison- who will win?

A fight between turkey vs chicken, in my opinion, would be an unfair fight primarily because of the size difference. They’re both can fight though, there’s no denying that. But chickens are also known to bully animals. But I think since the turkey is huger, it would end up knocking the chicken off the surface and killing it ultimately.

I hope you like reading above post on Chicken vs Turkey comparison.


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