Tarantula vs Black Widow Spider vs Scorpion vs Wasp Comparison

Who will win the fight- taruntula, scorpion, Spider or Wasp?

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I have seen so many videos of Taruntula vs Black Widow spider vs Scorpion vs Wasp fighting, Some of them won by Spider, some won by Taruntula, some by Scorpian and rest by wasp. It is worthy to compare Tarantula vs Black Widow Spider vs Scorpion vs Wasp.

What are interesting facts of Tarantula?

 Tarantula is a Giant, hairy spider where some of them can be easily handed. They consist of eight legs, and abdomen and the cephalothorax in them. The legs, the eyes, the mouth, and also the fangs are attached to the Cephalothorax. The spider silk is produced by the spinnerets, and it is present at the end of the abdomen.

Taruntula spider HD

What Habitat do Taruntula lives in?

About 900 species of Tarantula has been identified. Some of them are arboreal. Some of them live in the roof of the tree. The other species live on the ground or below the ground. They occupy most of the ecosystem, either rain forests or deserts.

Where you Taruntula’s lives in?

Most of the different types of Tarantula can be seen in Northern America, Southern America and Central America along with Australia, Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia.

What Does taruntula’s eat?

 They usually eat insects, centipedes, and some spiders. The diet of this spider increases on its size. If the Tarantula is large, it can be a predator for snakes, birds, lizards, bats and rats.

Are Taruntula poisonous to humans?

 Some of these spiders had been maintained as a pet by humans. They are semi-domesticated and are docile. Tarantulas have large fangs which can insert poison when it bites the skin. The sting hurts and can cause painful experience. Usually, this bite can be allergic to most of the persons.

What does a Black widow spider look like?

Black widow spider is one of the most recognized spiders across the world. It belongs to the type of widow spider along with Southern and Western widow spider. These spiders are generally dark black. A shape of hourglasses which is in red is found in its abdomen. Their species would slightly vary in its appearance and colour. They also have eight legs.

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What Habitat Black Widow spider lives in?

 They are said to the shy one, and so they used to make their webs in dark, undisturbed areas. They can be easily found in unused areas like below the old wooden furniture’s, basements and shelves.

Black widow spider- Most venomous spider ever

Where Do Black Widow spider live in?

Black widow spider has been known to have 30 species in them. These species are found in different regions all around the world. They are present in all of the continents in the earth except the continent, Antarctica.

What does Black Widow spider eat?

As a predator, this type of spider can eat various insects along with mosquitoes, grasshoppers, caterpillars, grasshoppers, flies and beetles. These spiders catch its prey through its web. Once the victim is captured on the network, this spider kills them by inserting its venom.

Can a Black Widow spider bite kill you?

The interaction between the human and the spiders are rare. The spiders are harmful to humans only when they feel threatened. The venom of this spider in such situations causes only minor injuries to the Human. But it is also reported that the spider can cause severe effects in children, older people and people who have a weak immune system. It is better to seek medical emergency advice from the doctor.

What are interesting facts about Scorpions?

Scorpions are considered to be a nightmare for most people. They are one of the scariest animals. They have stingers on its back and pincers on its front of the body. Unlike other insects that have a three-sectioned organism, the scorpion has been identified with the body which has two sections.

The head and the middle of its body are made up as Cephalothorax. The pincers present in front of the body is also called chelae. It is used in the consumption of food. The stinger, which is present on the backside of the body, was found to be used in the insertion of venom in its prey or others.

Are scorpions insects?

Scorpions do not belong to bugs, they are not insects but it is closely related to the spider species. They come under the group of Arachnids. At day time, they stay under the rocks and during the night it can start too hunted for its prey. They used to have exoskeletons, but they shed that skeleton from the body as they grow. 

Yellow color Scorpion

What habitat do scorpion lives in?

 About 1500 species of scorpions present in most of the regions of the world such as mountains, beaches, coastal areas, trees, caves and even deserts. These scorpions are also seen in every continent except Antarctica. It can eat many insects such as spiders and lizards, along with other small scorpions.

What are the interesting facts about Wasp?

 Wasp is an insect whose botanical name is Vespula Vulgaris. It is family as – Order – Hymenoptera; Suborder- Apocrita; Suborder- Symphta. They have a connection between the thorax and abdomen. It can grow up to 30 millimetres in length. 

Yellow Wasp HD

What Habitat do Wasp lives in?

 There are several species of wasps found all over the world. Wasps are divided into two types of wasps as Social wasps and Solitary wasps. Social wasps include common wasps, paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. Solitary wasps include potter wasps, cicada killers wasps and mud dauber wasps.

How does wasp looks like?

The eyes of the wasps are in kidney shape. They are found with two pair of wins as hind wings and fore wings. These wings are longitudinally folded and contain mouth for chewing. The rear wings are shorter than the fore wings. They can make a buzzing sound. Wasps are also used as pest control in agriculture.

I hope this article helps you to understand the difference between Tarantula vs Black Widow Spider vs Scorpion vs Wasp.


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