Rabbit Vs Hare Vs Bunny comparison and difference

Who will win the fight- Hare, Bunny or Rabbit?

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Are you people looking to know differences between Bunny vs Hare vs Rabbit. The rabbit, hare and the bunny. Although they come from the same family they sure do have a lot of differences between them in terms of habitat, their size and also various habits.

Now since the differences are subtle and can only be identified by someone having sound knowledge about them it makes a lot of sense to not sit back and wonder who would win if they are involved in a fight.

Adequately, the obvious answer would be the one who is the biggest. But is that really so? Now before we try to answer that let’s just walk through the various differences these three animals have amongst each other.

What are interesting facts on hare?

Rare hare

The hare for one is the hugest amongst the three of them and are stronger as a result of being born with their eyes open and with a lot of hair in their body which means they don’t require much care after they are born and they learn to live in the wild at a pretty early phase in their lives which makes them more independent amongst the three.

What are interesting facts on Rabbits and Bunny?

Rare rabbit

Rabbits and bunnies are on the other side very closely matched with one another. For one a bunny means small and these days rabbits are mostly called bunnies and both represent the same animal.

Rare bunny

Rabbits are born altricial or in another word helpless and they tend to be agile and nimble which is not the case with hares.

Hare vs Rabbit vs Bunny fight comparison- who will win?

Hares are shy animals whereas rabbits and bunnies are extremely good pets and are very social and less aggressive. Hares are on the other hand territorial and they live by themselves all their life, unlike bunnies who love to live in communities.

Looking at the various differences, we can say that the hare has the hand in most of the cases and is the biggest amongst the three we can conclude that if put in a face off against one another, the hare would certainly win the battle amongst the three.


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