African Elephant vs Nile crocodile Fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Nile Crocodile vs African Elephant?

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Fighting larger animals than you, as an animal, needs quite some brains. And this can be the case when a smaller animal fights with a large animal such as the elephant. Let’s compare a fight between the largest mammal, the elephants and a large reptile, the crocodile and see if the two were involved in a fight who would carry the day, African elephant vs Nile crocodile.

african elephant vs nile crocodile

How does crocodile look like?

These are some of the basic facts you need to know about the crocodiles.

The scientific name of the crocodile is CrocodylusActus.  Crocodiles are gray-green or olive-green with a long body. They also have long snouts which make the difference between them and the alligators.  The crocodiles have the fourth tooth on the bottom jaw visible unlike in the alligators where the tooth is not visible.

What does the crocodile eat?

Crocodiles feed on a variety of aquatic animals including the small fish and invertebrates as well as mammals and birds. In the wild, the crocodiles capture their own prey, crush it with their massive jaws and then swallow the prey. They do not chew or break off small pieces of the prey like the other animals.

How Crocodile digests food?

To help in digestion, the crocodile swallows small stones that grind up the food in their stomachs. Did you know that a crocodile can go up to three years without food? Yes, crocodiles have low metabolisms enabling them to survive few months without food in normal conditions and up to three years in extreme cases.

How Many species of crocodiles are there?

There are 13 species of crocodiles each having different sizes. The largest crocodile ever found was 6.17 meters (20.24 feet) long.  Salt Water crocodiles are largest among all species of crocodiles. Crocodiles have very powerful jaws that they can use to protect themselves. They use their powerful jaws to clamp on the body of the prey and tear it off.

African elephant vs Asian Elephant difference

The elephants are known to be the largest mammals in the world. There are two kinds of elephants the Asian and the African elephant. The Africa elephant is quite bigger than the Asian elephant having a height of 3.7 meters while the Asian elephant having a height of 2.7 m. The average weight of an elephant is 5400 kg – 6000 kg.

Can Elephants can be used as pets?

Elephants are quite intelligent animals and for this reason, they have been domesticated in some parts of the world. In Asia, elephants are domesticated, unlike their African counterparts.

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What is the weight of Elephant calves?

Elephants have a gestation period of 18 – 22 months. A gasp? Yes, one year and a half to one year and ten months. The calves born are 90-121 kg and this weight justifies the number of months the calf stays in the womb of the mother.

How Elephant defend himself from attack?

Elephants are very protective of their young ones. They use their tusks and their trunks against any predator trying to harm the young ones or even themselves. Naturally, the elephants don’t have predators, unless the very ambitious predators trying to take down the elephants calves.

African Elephant vs Nile crocodile fight comparison- who will win?

Such fights most probably can take place when the elephants go to drink water in the river and one of the crocodiles tries to grab the trunk or leg of an elephant by its mouth. In such a situation, due to its impressive power, the elephant will be able to toss around the crocodile, and due to the injuries got from the elephant’s tusks and its feet the crocodile would obviously let go.

The elephant is also capable of crushing the skull of the crocodile with only one kick. Most animals while drinking water, have fallen victims of the crocodile’s bite and have been killed in that manner. But as it is always in the animal kingdom it’s the survival of the fittest. I hope you like reading on Elephant vs crocodile fight comparison.


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