Black Widow Spider vs Snake fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Black Widow Spider vs Snake?

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It’s interesting to watch snakes fighting due to their amazing striking abilities. It’s even more curious to know how Black widow spiders fight off their opponents. This is one great article where you will learn some of the things you didn’t know about spiders and snakes. You will also learn how these two defend themselves in case of an attack from an enemy and what would be the result of the snake vs spider fight. Let’s start by looking at the strange facts about spiders.

snake vs spider

What are the interesting facts about Spiders?

Spiders are members of the family arachnids. The primary reason as to why they are grouped as arachnids is that they have two segments instead of three like the insects. There are approximately 38,0000 spider species known.

What is the average size of a Spider?

Due to the large number of species the size of spiders varies. The largest spider is the South American Goliath bird-eater weighing about 6 oz. (170 grams). The smallest spider is the PatuDigua with a body size of about 0.37 mm.

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How do Spiders find their food?

Most spiders spin webs to catch their prey. Mostly, spiders feed on small insects such as flies, ants, mosquitoes, bees and even other spiders! Yes, just like among reptiles some spiders are cannibals. With a well-built spider web flies, mosquitoes and other small insects are easily caught.

Some webs are even large enough to catch larger prey like snakes small birds and even lizards. NephilaKomaci (a spider species) is the largest weaver of spider webs in the word.

What are some interesting facts about Snakes?

Snakes are among the most terrifying creatures and most people have developed a phobia against them. This is mostly because they are known to be venomous and one bite can be the reason for you and death. However, there are some amazing facts that most people don’t know about the snakes.

How fast can a Snake bite?

One amazing feature possessed by snakes is their amazing striking power. A snake’s strike is faster than the blink of an eye. The snake whips its head forward very quickly and in no time the snake has already bitten the prey. This happens at an acceleration of about 20 gs!

Do Snakes have Eyelids and Ears?

Another thing that is interesting about a snake is they do not possess eyelids and an external ear. A snake has no external ear but possesses the internal auditory system for hearing.

When it comes to the eyelids, snakes have only a single layer of clear skin for protecting the eyes, they therefore never blink. The lack of eyelids is the reason you’ll always find the snake’s eyes wide open, even when they are asleep.  They only need to close their retinas while sleeping, not the full eye.

How fast can a Snake move?

One common myth about snakes is that they are extremely fast and can even move faster than a human being. The truth is that the average human being can actually outrun most snakes. The fastest snake is the black mamba which can move at a speed of 20 km/hr. The rest move below this speed, most of them being slower than the average human being.

Snake vs Spider fight Comparison- who will win?

Snakes in most circumstances don’t eat spiders. But big spiders may eat some snakes, which only happens when a small snake gets trapped in the web of the spider. For this fight, we are going to compare the cobra and the dangerous spider, Black Widow.

One thing you should note is that the snake has the size advantage. You should also note that the spider is relatively slower than the snake and possibly the snake will strike even before the spider is able to escape. Most spiders are rather slow to attack the enemy which is very disadvantageous to the spider. Putting all this together you can conclude that a big snake like Black Mamba and King Cobra will emerge as the winner but for some snakes, Black widow spider emerges as the winner.

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