Shark vs Alligator Fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Shark vs Alligator?

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Two animals fighting in water is something you will enjoy watching. If land animals were to fight in water, it would be quite challenging for them. For animals adapted to living in water, fighting in water is an easy task. Have you ever witnessed a fight between a shark vs alligator?

alligator vs shark

This arrangement sounds interesting to watch but challenging for the involved animals. We are going to look at some of the physical characteristics of these two animals that can contribute to their success in the fight.

Are Sharks made up of Bones?

Instead of bones, sharks are made up of cartilages that are easy to break. Their elongated bodies are tapered at the ends thus making them streamlined as an adaptation for swimming swiftly. Their rounded body enables them to save energy while swimming.

Why sharks live in water?

Some sharks have a camouflaging property that makes them well adapted to live in the ocean. Additionally, sharks have external nostrils. The teeth of these animals are attached by a connective tissue at the base. Replacement teeth grow continuously behind the functional teeth.

What is average size and length of a shark?

The average size of a whale shark is between 13 and 39 ft (4 to 12m). However, there was one that was 59 ft. Long. The smallest whale shark that has ever been recorded was 22 inches (56cm) long. The 39 shark species can be as long as 10ft (3m). The smallest species of sharks is the spined pygmy shark that grows for up to 7.1 inches (males) and 5.9 inches (female).

Do sharks replace their teeths?

Like most mammals, sex determines the size of sharks. Sharks have sharp and modified teeth suitable for killing prey. Replacement of old teeth occurs continuously thus ensuring that the animal always has a new set of strong and sharp teeth.

How many teeths shark shed in lifetime?

Did you know that a shark can shed its teeth about 30, 000 times in its lifetime?

What does an alligator look like?

The alligator is considered one of North America’s largest reptiles. This animal has thick scales and a armoured body that has bony plates. Alligators have a rounded snout and powerful legs. This animal can as well swim even though it is slow.

How many teeths alligator shed in lifetime?

The alligator has approximately 80 teeth. New teeth replace those that wear out. Did you know that throughout the life of an alligator it can have up to 2000-3000 teeth? Females are generally shorter than males with 9 ft and 14 feet respectively.

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what does an alligator eat?

This animal is a carnivore that feeds on snakes, fish, and small aquatic mammals among other animals.

What is average length and weight of an alligator?

The length of an alligator ranges from 2.8 to 5m. They also weigh between 160 and 1000 lb (72-455kg). Alligators have the ability to crawl on land.

How to determine the gender of an alligator?

Alligators can be quite aggressive when attacked. They can easily kill due to their strength. Another interesting fact about alligators is that sex is determined by the temperature that eggs are exposed to. Higher temperatures of about 34 degrees Celsius produce males while those of about 30 degrees hatch into females. Surprisingly, these carnivores have been reported to eat citrus fruits and wild grapes.

Alligator vs Shark fight comparison- who will win?

If a fight occurred between these two animals, there are high chances that an alligator will win. Alligators have a body skin while sharks have soft skin. It will be difficult for the shark to injure an alligator due to the toughness of its skin. On the other hand, an alligator can easily tear the skin of the shark.

An alligator is stronger than a shark meaning that it can strike more powerfully. Both animals have sharp teeth meaning that the fight will not be easy for either of them. The ability of the shark to fight is only limited to its mouth but the alligator can as well strike using its strong tail.

I hope you like reading fight comparison on shark vs alligator.


  1. heres what happens. the shark is below the alligator the alligator doest notice the shark and then the shark bites the alligator the alligator don’t know what hit it the shark bites the legs and drags down the croc hits with tail the stun shark bites the bell again then the wrestle back and forth trying to bite then the shark bites the belly then the blood excites the shark and he keeps on biting till the alligator dies from blood loss and injury.


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