African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger Fight, Who Will Win?

Who will win the fight between Siberian Tiger vs African Lion?

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People are always curious to know more about wild animals, but they are even more eager to know about the fascinating African lion and the Siberian tiger. These two wild animals are very familiar and well-known animals in the world because these two animals have unique and impressive abilities. So naturally many people want to know about the comparison of African lion vs Siberian Tiger in detail.

Although there are many ways and resources to know about these two animals, a comparison is a perfect way to know complete details about African lion and a Siberian tiger. So this article helps you get the details about which animal will win in a fight. The comparison and difference between them are given below.

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What are Interesting facts about African Lion?

The African lions are most familiar wild animals throughout the world, and it is the only cat that lives in groups that are called pride. The pride is family groups that may include up to three males and a female and also their young child.

Moreover, all of the families’ lionesses are related and female cubs generally stay with the unit as they age. The young male lions are more independent and leave to find their own family by taking over a group headed by another male.

How much does African Lion weight?

And it is the second-largest big cat so the male lion weight about 500 pounds and grows to eight feet in length. It sounds impressive compared to other wild animals in the world. And the interesting thing is that a Lions is known as the King of the Jungle, although it lives in grasslands and plains, not in the jungle.

What animal does the African Lion hunt?

Doing something which unusual in the animal kingdom, the female lions do the hunting while male lions stay home and watch over the pride. The males are first to eat when the female lions come home with their kill. The female lions always live together with the male for life. The female lions always stay with their families even after they have grown up but the male lions do not have those characteristics. When they reach maturity they venture out on their own.

What does African Lion look like?

The male lions have imposing manes that make them appear much larger and more threatening. Female lions are also attracted to males with complete, thicker manes.

Where do African Lions live?

Different species of lions can be found in many countries of the Middle East, Europe, North America, Northern India and Africa but now lions are living in Africa aside from a small group.

What are Interesting facts about Siberian Tiger?

The Siberian tiger is a subspecies of tiger, and it is the largest cat in the world.

How big is a Siberian Tiger?

It averages about 3.3 m in length with a tail measuring about 1m. The adult Siberian tigers can weigh up to 320kg, and female tigers are predominantly smaller, weighing up to 180 kg.

What does Siberian Tiger look like?

The Siberian tigers are discernible by their striped hair. Moreover, the Siberian tigers are different from other usual tigers because it has a wild look and paler stripes and manes. It has thick hair that contributes to keeping them warm and comfortable in all the seasons.

Where do Siberian Tigers live?

The Siberian tigers live in a small region in the southwest of Russia and they are also located in small numbers in China and North Korea.

How Siberian Tigers reproduce?

It has a unique quality that makes other tigers scared of it. They are solitary animals and mark their scent on trees to keep other tigers away from them. Female Siberian tigers give birth once every two years at any point during the year. A litter consists of two to six cubs. The mother tiger takes care of the cubs by herself at all times until they have grown up.

Compare African Lion vs Siberian Tiger

African lion vs siberian tiger

AnimalsAfrican lionSiberian tiger
Average head & body lengthSix ft 1 inchSeven ft 4 inch
Tail lengthThree ft 2 inchThree ft I inch
Shoulder heightThree ft 8 inchThree ft 3 inch
Average weight180 kg305 kg

Siberian tiger vs African lion- Who will win the fight? 

These are the major difference between an African lion vs Siberian tiger that will enable you to know the individual characters, lifetime and abilities.

Most of the people want to know which one is more powerful between an African lion and Siberian tiger. It is important to note that African lions have greater strength when compared to Siberian tigers. At the same time, the Siberian tigers possess more mass and are quite powerful too. But the African lions are more aggressive and have excellent bone structure.

Lion attacks are more successful in long grass and thick bushes when they identify prey alone in the night time. And it can chase a prey up to 300 meters but greater than that is rare. It usually kills by strangling the throat and clamping its mouth over the muzzle of the prey.

Tigers have strong hind legs that are frequently used to wound the other animal. The African lion has a bigger skull than a Siberian tiger but tigers have bigger cranial volume than the African lion. Therefore, it has more intelligence to win the fight with African lions.

Watch the video below to see who is the strongest predator :

I hope you liked reading this article on African lion vs Siberian Tiger fight.


    • as big cats trainer zoologist i can find easy a wild african lion boss , 10x ruthless of a normal one and stronger , feel more secure and bring him ad 320 kg in a few mouths and skilled him more to use both claws to destroy anything on size in less of 10 minutes , i hope it can help

  1. @Shailesh,

    Yes, Siberian Tiger is biggest Cat in the World. It is difficult to take on biggest cat.

    I guess, only Polar Bear can take on Siberian Tiger.

  2. Definitely a Siberian Tiger wins hands down…

    The only real competition they have is the large russian brown bears which can go either way depending on size etc…

    • Definitely Large Bears are difficult to handle, they are aggressive in nature, I personally go with 50:50 for Siberian Tiger and Grizzly bear/ Kodiak bear.


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