Alligator Vs Anaconda Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Alligator Vs Anaconda

Who will win the fight between Alligator vs Anaconda?

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The world’s largest and probably the most feared snake in the world is the anaconda. It has been featured in many films and documentaries, and for this reason, we thought it better to feature a fight between the anaconda and the alligator, a tough reptile too. This article will include the basic facts about the two animals, leaving you well informed and entertained. So… let’s get started with fight comparison between Anaconda vs Alligator.

alligator vs anaconda

What are the interesting facts on Anaconda?

The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. It‘s quite famous for its size and swimming abilities. Actually, the word anaconda means good swimmer in Greek.   There are four species of the anaconda, the green anaconda the yellow anaconda dark-spotted anaconda and the Bolivian anaconda.

Where do you found Anaconda?

Most of the anacondas are found in South America.  They live in the tropical swamps and rivers of the tropical rainforests. Mostly they will spend most of their time in water or be hanging in tree branches. Their eyes are well adapted to their habitat since they are located at the top. Being located at the top allows the anacondas eyes to see above the water while the rest of the body is submerged.

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What does an Anaconda eat?
Credit: @leneholmen

The anacondas will eat small rodents, fish, lizards, caimans or even jaguars. Anacondas are powerful constrictors and will mostly kill their prey by their powerful constriction. Anacondas are well camouflaged and will mostly attack at night.

Does Anaconda have teeth?

Credit: @rafaelgarcia816

Their sharp curved fangs help to restrict the prey as they prepare to use their constriction technique. Since the anaconda has no teeth it will swallow its food instead of chewing. A well-fed anaconda will go even weeks or months without eating again.

How do anacondas reproduce?

Mostly anacondas mate in water or near water. They will thereafter refrain from hunting for a while to avoid harming babies. One thing you should put in mind is that the anacondas don’t lay eggs they will give birth, and this is the same case with the boa constrictors.

Anacondas will reach maturity after 3 to 4 years and will live for about 10 years.

Where you found Alligators?

credit: @my_enchanting_florida_life

Alligators belong to the family Alligatoridae, close relatives of the crocodiles. There are two types of alligators, the American and the Chinese alligators. The American alligators are found in southern united states while the Chinese alligators are mostly found in eastern China.

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What is the size, length and weight of an alligator?

The American alligator is larger than the Chinese alligator and can grow up to 3 meters (11.2 feet) and weigh about 454 kg ( 1000 lbs) the Chinese alligators grow about 1.4m -1.5m and weigh about 4.6 to 4.9 feet.

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What does an alligator eat?

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Just like the crocodiles, the alligators are carnivores. Since they are not soo choosy the alligators will eat most of the small animals which it will find appealing. The diet will mostly include the fish molluscs, birds and other small birds.

The alligators are social animals. You will mostly find them in groups which are known as congregations. The alligators will bask together during cold mornings and even swim together.

Alligator vs Anaconda fight comparison- who will win?

The anaconda is very danger and strong snake, they have been known to kill big animals like the cows and as tough as the crocodiles. Therefore the alligator is not a big deal to the anaconda. The only defence the alligator can use is its mouth for biting. However, the damage the mouth of the Alligators mouth will cause cannot be compared with the anacondas constriction. So here the anaconda wins with a big margin.

I hope you like reading Anaconda vs Alligator fight comparison.



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