Leopard Vs Panther Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

How Leopard hunt the prey?

Who will win the fight between Leopard and Panther?

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Big catfights are always one of the best animal fights to watch. From their beauty to their strength… we can’t fail to talk of how much we enjoy watching them hunt and go about their daily activities. If you are looking for leopard and panther facts, this is the article for you. This article will feature a fight between the leopard vs panther. By reading this you’ll also get to know who’s tougher – the leopard or the panther?

What are the interesting facts about Leopard?

What are the interesting facts about Leopard?

Leopards are big cats known for their beautifully spotted bodies and successful hunting techniques.  Leopards are of nine types and all except the African lion can be found in Asia South Asia and India.

What is the size, length, lifespan and height of a Leopard?

What is the size, length, lifespan and height of a Leopard?

Leopards have a height of about 57-64 cm and a weight of about 23-27 kg. They have a lifespan of 12-17 years. Leopards have an amazing speed of 58 km/hr.

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What does a Leopard eat?

What does a Leopard eat?

Leopards are carnivorous and their diet mainly comprises gazelle’s, deer, monkeys and even baboons. Leopards are skilled climbers and will climb trees during the day while resting.   They will also climb trees when they want to protect the prey they have captured form lions and hyenas.

Do leopards mark their territories like a lion?

Leopards are very secretive and elusive, and tracking them is extremely difficult. They are also very territorial and will mark their territories with scratches on trees and urine to keep other leopards away. Only females while mating will be allowed to cross the territories.

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One amazing thing we can’t fail to mention about the leopard is their strength and speed. The leopard is an astoundingly strong cat. Combined with the agility and a speed of 58 km/hr.

How Leopard hunt the prey?

How Leopard hunt the prey?

the leopard is one cat that you should not mess around with. Leopards can leap 6 meters horizontally and 3m vertically when hunting. They can also swim very well.

What are the interesting facts on Panther?

Most people think that panthers are species on their own, but what you didn’t know is, the animal panther refers to 3 different types of cats. The jaguar, leopard, and the puma. What makes the difference between a panther and the animals mentioned is just their dark color mutation.

How does a Panther look like?

In fact, the panther has normal rosettes (spots) but it is difficult to see since their color is very dark.  Form a distance it is difficult to see the spots but from a closer look, you will spot jaguars or leopards prints on their body.

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The dark color pigment mutation is known as melanism and it occurs to about 6% in jaguars leopards and the puma. This black pigmentation helps to camouflage the panther when hunting. Apart from its pigmentation, the black panther is believed to be less fertile as compared to the other colored cats. However, the black panthers are more unpredictable and aggressive.

Are Panthers good swimmers and climbers?

Black Panthers are good swimmers and skilled tree climbers. They often catch the medium-sized monkeys by leaping at a height of 20 feet from one tree to another. They also have an extremely good hearing, good eyesight, and very strong jaws.

Panther vs Leopard fight comparison- who will win?

panther vs leopard

We should be clear on the type of panther, we are comparing it with the leopard. The panther and jaguar are very strong and larger compared to the leopard. It has stronger jaws and its bite is ranked among the top strongest bites in the animal kingdom.

It is also more experienced in hunting larger prey such as the crocodiles and the baboons. Its strength combined with its experience in hunting larger prey would grant it success easily. However when it comes to catfights, when they notice that their opponent is stronger and larger than they are they back off and rather not fight.

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