Parrot vs Macaw fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Parrot vs Macaw?

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Animal fights can be quite interesting to watch. However, some animals may die in the process or become physically disabled with some broken or torn parts. For instance, if a carnivore and a herbivore fights, there are high chances that the latter will be injured by the carnivore’s canines. It is also difficult to witness fights between some animals so we are just left with an image of what can happen. Below is a comparison of parrot vs macaw to see what could happen if they fought.

parrot vs macaw

How many species of Parrots are there?

There are approximately 393 species of parrots across the world. These birds come in different sizes and colors.

Why People keep parrots as pets?

The main features that help to distinguish parrots are their strong legs, curved bill, clawed feet, upright stance, and strong bill. As you have noticed before, parrots are multi-colored and beautiful. This is probably one reason why people like keeping them at home.

Can we detect parrot gender from seeing them?

Looking at their physical appearance, it is difficult to determine their sex. These birds exhibit negligible sexual dimorphism in their physical appearance.

What does a parrot eat?

Parrots consume buds, fruits, and seeds. However, there are parrot species that feed on flesh. Lorikeets and lories feed on fruits and nectar.

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How does a parrot look like?

Parrots are of different sizes. Most of them have a length of approximately 3.5 inches. Parrots are strong because they have short necks and large heads. Their curved beaks are also strong enough to crack hard foods such as nuts. These birds have zygpdactyl feet.

Their feet have sharp and long claws that are used for swinging. Most parrots use their claws to manipulate their food.

How long a parrot lives?

Did you know that parrots can live for several decades? For example, the kakapo can live for 95 years.

What is lifespan, size, length and weight of a Macaw?

These are referred to as new world parrots. Macaws can live for up to 50 years. These birds are known for bright color and their long tail. The hyacinth can grow up to 1m, scarlet macaw 89cm and the red-fronted macaw 60cm. Depending on the type, their weight also differs.

The hyacinth macaw weighs 1.2 to 1.7kg while the scarlet macaw has an average weight of 89cm. Their beaks are also larger than those of a parrot.

How does a Macaw eat?

Macaws feed on palm fruits, stems, nuts, and seeds. Wild macaws can travel for more than 100km searching for food. These birds are not only beautiful but also intelligent just like the parrots. Their size ranges from 20 to 42 inches and their lifespan is between 30 and 80 years.

How strong are Macaws?

Macaws have strong beaks that are longer than those of a parrot. These birds are also active and playful in nature. Interestingly, macaws are monogamous and quite affectionate.

Parrot vs Macaw fight comparison- who will win?

This could be a very challenging fight because both birds have similar physical features. However, from the comparison done, it is quite clear that the macaw is bigger and most probably stronger than the parrot.

They all have strong beaks meaning that they will both injure each other. The macaw has a longer beak which could possibly translate to better chances of attacking as compared to the parrot.

A macaw is likely to strike more using its bill thus injuring the parrot. The macaw is generally more active meaning that it could be also more vigorous in the fight. The macaw also has a longer neck than a parrot.

Length, in this case, is an added advantage because it increases the chances of striking its opponent. This fight is not that easy and could take several hours to have a winner. The health of the bird may also determine its performance in the fight.

I hope you like comparison between parrot vs macaw.


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