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Who will win the fight- Green Anaconda or Reticulated python?

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Anacondas are often known as water boa, and green Anacondas are considered to be the largest among all the species of Anacondas. It is the most massive species and people known these species for a long time. Due to the remote location of these species, it is hard to find.

In the deep Amazonian forest, we can find — various species of these snakes. Their skins are very stretchy and can stretch up to 50% more. Due to this fact, they can consume larger enemies. There were various records of these green anacondas, and some of these are true, but some can’t be verified. The largest ever found to be of 30 feet although no one knows if it is true or not. Females of these species are relatively smaller than the male ones.

What to do if Anaconda wraps around you?

Anaconda is a substantial fat snake which is also significant in length, so if anaconda wraps around you, there’s not much you can do if you are alone. Then if you try to move or try to get out of it by yourself, the Anaconda will wrap you tighter. So what can we do? You may think biting is one of the options, but it’s not.

If you try to bite an anaconda, nothing will happen. Due to its contracted body, Anaconda can’t feel your bites and might wrap you harder. They can almost not feel the pain. Anaconda has been known to kill the fastest animals on earth, that is jaguars. Jaguars can bite with a lot of force, and that bites can’t even affect these deadly anacondas so how can a human bite help. So even if you bite the energy you’ll use will go to waste.

When you exhale your lungs contracts, and Anaconda grabs a much stronghold on you.

So what can we do now? This question now seems more dangerous to us. The solution now is to have some alcohol on you. You may not roam around jungles or amazons hoping Anaconda won’t find you?. So it’s excellent taking a precaution.

Anacondas don’t like alcohol, so if you are ever in the grasp of an Anaconda, just put some alcohol in its face and some of its body. The Anaconda will leave you immediately. Precaution is everything when you roam in their side of the world.

Can Anacondas eat a human being?

It is not hard to believe that Anaconda can eat humans, but if we look at the logic due to broad shoulders, Anaconda can’t eat a grown human. Although Children’s is an easy target, Sometimes Its underlying philosophy that a snake which is long and fat could quickly eat a human being comfortable.

Anaconda can kill a human
Source- Discovery Channel

There are even many cases around the world where humans being swallowed up by these creatures. But some of it are fakes as well. But they can swallow bigger and heavier animals than humans. So how do they do it? The basic idea is that the process starts when they wrap around human baking and slowly try to kill. After the death, Anaconda tries to swallow it.

Slowly by slowly, a whole human being can be swallowed easily. An 18-foot long Anaconda can do miracles. Snakes are predators, and they have this tendency to kill as even they have to eat. But all these snakes have different behaviour and different hunting patterns.

Animals like lions and deers can be swallowed up easily as these are an enormous animal for an Anaconda. No me knows about how can an Anaconda eat a whole human being. So if we talk about a small-sized man, Anaconda could swallow it. We have to look into some facts that Anacondas mouth is not that wide and any animal with a wide area is not an easy target to swallow. So it is clear now that large humans can’t be consumed, but small-sized humans or Children’s can be swallowed easily.

Is Anaconda the biggest snake?

If we look here, Anacondas can grow a lot. Average size Anaconda can grow up to 5.21 meters and weigh around 98 kilograms on average. These are some of the mind-boggling facts. The Green Anaconda is Considered to be the heaviest and more massive among all the Anaconda and snakes as well. Some claim Anaconda to grow up to 8 to 10 meters which is very large. But these are some of the unverified facts. The very first sight of a massive Anaconda was ancient during times of colonization of South America. It is said that at that time, these snakes were around 18 meters.

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Biggest snake- Anaconda
Source- liveabout

Locals at that time have also seen these snakes growing from 10 to 18 meters as well. There were various records of killing these Anacondas, but the evidence was not so significant to be believed at that time. Due to this, it is still hard to be thought that these Aancondas used to grow up to 18 meters.

Due to these not so pleasant facts, we will never found real evidence of any Anacondas to grow that large. So yes we can firmly say that green Anacondas are the largest snakes among the earth, up to a length of 9 meters after these Anacondas comes python which belongs to the same category as Anacondas and can grow up to 6 meters. King cobras are often said to be significant in length.

What animals prey on Anaconda?

Taking on an Anaconda seems to be a difficult task. These Anacondas are plentiful and once they have a grip on you consider yourself gone if not saved by a miracle. There could be very few animals who could try to take down or give a challenge to an Anaconda, but that doesn’t mean Anacondas don’t have any weakness.

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Due to these reliable facts, Anacondas are considered to be dangerous in amazon. So now let’s talk about the vulnerability of an Anaconda. Due to their heavyweight, they are sluggish on land. They are so slow on earth that they cover very less distance. But they can be very swift underwater. As all snakes are cold-blooded, they lack endurance which puts them in harm.

jaguar vs Anaconda
Source- entertainment fun

So due to these facts, Anaconda being the most abundant animal, slow speed and lack of endurance make them in harm say in front of a jaguar. Jaguars have momentum, and sharp claws and their claws are so powerful that it’s hard to release yourself. Jaguars teeth can smoothly go through snake skin, and so that makes jaguars their rivals.

Jaguars often feeds on these anacondas. Still, you can’t deny the fact that Anaconda is one of the largest and deadliest snakes who can eat whatever crosses their paths. Another animal that can give a challenge due to their numbers is otters. Otters because they are fast and swift in actions and often travel in numbers can scratch and bite Anacondas. Due to multiple in quantities, they give a bigger challenge to these largest animals. Who would have known that three otters can tackle a lime Anaconda?

Can a green anaconda kill a saltwater crocodile?

A saltwater crocodile is one of the deadliest and largest among all the reptiles. They can grow a lot sometimes more than an Anaconda itself. A male saltwater crocodile can grow up to 7 meters and female up to 3m. Males weigh around 1200 kgs. That’s why males of these species are considered to be vast and deadly once encountered whereas a green anaconda is the world’s most massive and one of the giant snakes as well. Their range is somewhat the same as these saltwater crocodiles.

Six meters are considered to be the average length of an Anaconda. So if we talk about a fight among a green anaconda and a saltwater crocodile, I must say anyone could win.

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Crocodile due to its massive and flexible jaw can harm the Anaconda easily, but if an anaconda gets a grasp on that crocodile, it’s a win-win for Anaconda. Not even crocodile can escape these anacondas grips.

Can Anacondas kill a jaguar?

Anaconda is the largest animal on the planet, and it can tackle many foes around him. Although fighting with some of the fastest animals on earth seems like a challenge for even an anaconda. Anaconda weighs a lot, and they are also swift underwater as well due to this fact anacondas are hard to battle underwater.

Even on land if any animal encounter with an Anaconda, it will probably end in anacondas favor. That is why anacondas are fearsome. That doesn’t mean anacondas can’t be killed. Jaguars due to their high speed and swift movements on land can make a change. Jaguars have strong jaws as well. Anacondas, on the other hand, is slow on land. This gives Jaguars an edge.

The clash between these two animals is not daily. We can rarely see a jaguar fight an Anaconda. But if they do encounter, and there’s a lot of facts that need to be considered for any one of them to win. Jaguars speed and swift movements, plus a strong jaw against the largest snake with strong grasp and power of its weight. So if we talk about who would win in a situation like this, I would say both. Anacondas can kill a jaguar if they got a grasp on it. And a jaguar can kill an Anaconda by biting it with its swift movements.

Are anacondas poisonous?

There are a lot of snakes in the world who are known to be deadly, and among this list, Anaconda seems to be on the top. We often wonder Anaconda being this strong is also poisonous? Well here’s the answer to it. Anacondas are not venomous, but they enemies by contracting them.

Even without poison Anaconda are fearsome, and of encounter, I advise you to run as far as possible. So now the question arises why Anaconda is not poisonous? It is because they don’t need to be. Anacondas being a snake, needs to eat to survive. But because they are the largest among all the snakes, they don’t need poison to kill any of their enemies.

poisonous anaconda

So don’t worry if you ever get a bite from an Anaconda, you will not get any harm. If you do get a bite, you have to worry about other things now, like don’t get trapped into anacondas grasp. Due to this killing pattern, they are known as constrictors. It means who constricts its enemies to kill. Now we can safely say that even a bite from the giant snake on earth can do no harm but make sure that you don’t get caught into the coil.

Anaconda taking on tiger, who will win?

Tigers vein from the cat family is also fast as Jaguars. But a clash between an anaconda and a tiger would go in favour of a tiger. Anacondas weigh around 150 to 300 kilograms while tigers weigh about 200 to 400 kilograms. This is the fact that tiger outweighs Anacondas. Also, the fact that tigers are from the cat family, which means they are fast. Faster than an Anaconda.

Their Jaws are strong, and their teeth are sharp to pierce through any skin type easily. Another fact is tigers are when an encounter with their enemies often fight more aggressively. If we consider all these facts, tigers can quickly kill an Anaconda if not get caught on the grasp of it.

Tigers are even stronger than a lion in some cases. And if a lion fights an Anaconda, it would still that Anaconda 9/10 times. Now we know that these snakes have a competition and can often be challenging in the Amazonian forest where most of the largest Anacondas live.

What is the length of the giant Anaconda in the world?

Anacondas are considered to be the largest among snake family, and they are fearsome as well. The world’s most massive Anaconda ever measured was around 30 feet long and 44inches in circumference. This one was considered to be the largest among the Anacondas ever found. These are not confirmed facts as it is dated way before in colonial times.

If we talk about the time in which we are living now, we have these green Anacondas which are found to be 5.21 meters in length. Nowadays, this is considered to be the largest in Anacondas family. A 5.21-meter anaconda is an exact figure, and we can rely on them.

Can Anacondas kill an elephant?

Anacondas are considered to be the largest snakes around the world, but that doesn’t mean an anaconda can go on and defeat an elephant. If Anacondas are considered to be the largest species after the whale. Although we know that Anacondas are the largest, but they sometimes are shorter than the pythons, and they can’t even swallow a whole human. Taking about small males like or children’s can be swallowed easily.

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So of Anacondas have a hard time killing and swallowing a human how can it defeat an elephant. A newborn elephant is already the size of a man and Anacondas takes time to swallow it. A fully grown elephant can weigh around 5 tons which is way higher than an Anaconda weighs. An elephant can easily defeat an anaconda.

Can Anaconda be used as a pet?

Is it’s not advised to keep Anaconda as a pet, but you can make an Anaconda as a pet, you really can take care of it.

If we talk about the most giant snake the green Anaconda and taking it as a pet we have to consider the following things in order to make the environment like it.

Anaconda as pet
Source- reptile channel
  • Their size – Anacondas are considered to be the largest, so their size varies from 4-5 meters. If we put these Anacondas in a glass chamber, it will outgrow it. So it is tough to keep it in a place where you can take care of it.
  • Their weight – being the most abundant animal, their weight is around 150 to 300 kilograms. It is hard to keep a pet which weighs that high. Also taking care of it will be a hard pill to swallow.
  • Their appetite – Anacondas have a very high appetite as they consume a lot of food. If you want to pet an anaconda, you have to prove the kilograms of food daily. You have to feed them food equivalent of an adult pig.
  • Lifespan – they have a high lifespan up to ten years if they are in the wild and 15 years when they live in as a captive.
  • We have also to consider the fact that they can attack, if they are hungry so if you were not able to prove enough food, you’d not be able to pet an anaconda.

Anaconda vs reticulated python

Anaconda and python are one of the giant snakes on earth. They both are fierce and can kill others quickly. Where Anacondas weigh more than the pythons but pythons have more speed.

Python vs Anaconda
  • Anacondas are considered to be robust more than pythons and deadly too.
  • A smaller Anaconda and a more significant python are considered to be equal because Anaconda weighs more and once anyone is in the grasp of it. They die.
  • Anacondas jaw is designed in such the fact that they can consume whole prey while pythons jaw is not wide enough to do that.

By the above facts, we can say that Anacondas are more potent than a python and can kill a python if battled against one another.

Komodo dragon vs Anaconda. Who will win?

The curious mindset of people leads us towards a vast range of species comparison hypothetically. Here, Anaconda and Komodo dragon are very precarious animals. Both of them are likely known to kill mammals, humans and other fellow animals in their respective terrains.

Komodo dragons are vigorous since their bite is poisonous and damaging than that of anacondas. Anacondas are non-venomous. Whereas on the other hand, anacondas in the frame of their body appearance and structure are more potent than Komodo dragons.

Komodo dragon vs Anaconda
Source- Wildanimalsplanet

Komodo dragon and anacondas both have a great deal of capacity to kill each other. For instance. If the Komodo dragon has the first move on Anaconda, then it’s unlikely that the Anaconda will win. Komodo dragon will profoundly use its peculiar claws and razor-sharp teeth to eviscerate the Anaconda. The bite of the Komodo dragon being poisonous, the Anaconda would die in 24 hours.

Anaconda might kill the dragon by twirling their large body around Komodo dragon, squeezing unless the dragon gets suffocated or his bones are crushed to ashes. The suffocation and squeezing may lead to internal damage like internal bleeding etc. that might cause the death of the Komodo dragon. The Anaconda will swallow all of the Komodo dragons at once with Komodo dragon losing the fight with the Anaconda.

Furthermore, according to the herpetologists, both the species are at parallel bars. In a fight between the two, both are capable of taking their counter enemies. Both of them have unique traits, but apparently, herpetologists go with Komodo dragon as it has a strong and venomous bit force.


Due to various facts, we can say that Anacondas are the most robust names out there. With a more substantial body in length and width and ability to swallow larger animals is a plus point. Only a few can tackle these snakes, and it is tough to fight these snakes.

These snakes are also robust with hard skin and are not easy to pierce. You can safely conclude that once encountered with these snakes; you have to stay away and don’t try to interfere. Once In the grasp of these snakes, you can consider yourself in grave danger, and only a few things can save you.