Black Mamba Vs Green Mamba Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Who will win the fight between Black mamba vs Green Mamba?

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Green mamba vs black Mamba

Most of us don’t like snakes. However, we can fail to appreciate the fact that snakes are one of the most interesting animals to read about. This article will give you some incredible snake facts that you ought to know and finally look at the fight between black mamba vs green mamba. If you wish to know who is the toughest amongst these snakes join us in reading the article. So…. Let’s get started.

Where we don’t found snakes?

Where we don't found snakes?

Snakes are members of the family serpents. There are over 3000 species of snakes in the world. its true snakes are venomous, but contrary to a common belief, not all snakes are dangerous. Actually, only 600 species are known to be poisonous to man. Most snakes live on land.  But some like the cottonmouth, water moccasin of North America spends part of their time in the water. Snakes are in every place in the world except Antarctica Iceland Newzealand and Greenland.

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What do snakes eat?

What do snakes eat?

Snakes eat a variety of items most of them being rodents frogs and birds. However when hungry snakes can almost eat anything they will find edible at the moment. Some even eat other snakes. For example, the king snake, since it has the advantage of being immune to venom from other snakes it will eat almost any snake whether venomous or not. The king snake also eats lizards rodents and birds. Most snakes love eggs, some actually steal eggs from farmers in most places.

What if Snake swallows Golf balls?

Sometimes back, a snake in Georgia found its self in quite a difficult situation. This was after the three-foot python sneaked in a chicken house to score some eggs. However, the snake ended up in disappointment after realizing what it had swallowed were not eggs. They were actually golf balls! The farmer of the chicken house had to rush the python to the to a wildlife sanctuary where the veterinarian there performed surgery on the snake.

What does Black Mamba found?

What does Black Mamba found?

The black mamba is a notoriously venomous snake mostly found in Africa.

How fast does Black Mamba run?

How fast does Black Mamba run?

It is the second-longest and the world’s fastest snake in the world with a speed of 20km/hr. Its length can go as high as two and a half meters. Some black mambas have even been found to have a length of even more than four meters.

How much venom in a single bite of Black Mamba?

How much venom in a single bite of Black Mamba?

Black mamba’s bite contains more than 120 ml of venom which is capable of killing a human being within thirty minutes. However black mambas rarely attack human beings, unless when confronted. When hunting, black mambas will strike their prey repeatedly to ensure the prey gets immobilize it as fast a possible.

Green mamba vs Black Mamba comparison and difference

Green mamba vs Black Mamba comparison and difference

Green mambas are well adapted to their habitat with a green glossy coat, which helps them to hide in the rainy African forests. Green mambas are quite smaller than black mambas. They have a  thin body of about 1.8 to 2 meters. They are also not quite venomous as the black mamba. Green mambas inject quite a low amount of venom, though still dangerous if not treated.

Green mamba and black mamba fight comparison- who will win?


We can all agree that size matters a lot when it comes to animal fights. The black mamba not only has the size advantage but also its speed is quite incredible. It’s the world’s fastest snake. Its venom quantities are also considerably low.

In case the two were to fight the black mamba would obviously win due to its speed size and venom quantities… and possibly swallow the green mamba.

I hope you like the fight of green mamba vs black mamba.


  1. Snakes are beautiful, green or black, makes me wonder of their body. But I cannot forget that they are poisonous. Green mamba is smaller than black mamba.

  2. The green mamba is shiny and looks like a toy to me. The green mamba makes me feel weird, they look like second branches of a tree.

  3. The black one looks as venomous as their appearance and the green one looks like green leaf and is not that much venomous.

  4. But those mamba family are venomous, which is why I don’t like. The black mamba is speedy too, comes and goes like a lightening. But the green ones are slow.

  5. The green mamba are always in trees, mixing with their color and they crawl less on the ground. They are wet and slippery just like they are in the video. Look at the black one, just curled up like a black truck tire. It is in dry places, crawling or on trees but spends less time there.

  6. Aaaah, I wish I did not see them, how will I sleep tonight?Cover yourself tight and don’t think about them otherwise they will come after you.

  7. People never get hold of these types of snakes, do they? Maybe those who live in Africa or Namibia, may be. Some says some family members of Africa are bitten and dies because of these snakes. So sad.

  8. Has anyone seen snakes with their open and wide mouth? Here you can see the tongue. They keep their tongues out of their mouth.

  9. You mean it is going to strike you and with the venom, you die. Lucky me, it is only a video, huh? I might die of fear. What about bloodstream ? Does anyone know about anti-venom? No chance, before the anti-venom is injected the poison is in your blood stream and you die.

  10. Why are there snakes in the world? Without the snakes, we are good, aren’t we? But these are a part of nature. Everything in the nature has its own role, plays its own part, and keeps the world spin on its own.

  11. When a fight takes place between a green mamba and a black mamba, the black mamba of course wins the fight. The green one is slow and it has less venom and cannot strike fast. But the black mamba works fast, it bits anything it wants to bit and it strikes fast and moves away faster too. No time for treatment.

  12. -The green one is thin like another branch, of a tree. But when they strike that is the fierce one and no one can do it twice. The black mamba when comes out of the mud or dark ground, you won’t be able to recognize.


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