Bison Vs Buffalo Fight Comparison – Who Will Win?

Who will win the fight between Bison vs Buffalo?

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The Bison and the Buffalo. The two names seem to refer to the same animal but these are two different animals. A surprise? Bison and Buffaloes actually are two different animals though closely related. Here you can know comparison, difference and similarities between Bison vs Buffalo.

Where is Bison found?

Where is Bison found?

The bison is mostly found in North America. They are well adapted to the cold climatic conditions because they have a shaggy, hairy coat that they shed in the summer season.

How big is a Bison?

How big is a Bison?

Being the largest mammal in North America the bison has a gigantic structure with a hump on its neck region. The American bison is 12.5 feet, that is from head to its rump and weighs about 2,200 pounds. Compared to the buffalo you will note the bison is slightly bigger than the buffalo. The bison has small horns which are quite sharp and can be used for self-defence, to gore other animals when threatened.

How many types of Buffaloes are there?

How many types of Buffaloes are there?

Buffaloes are of two types – the Cape Buffalo, and the Water Buffalo. The Cape buffalo is located in the African savanna while the Water buffalo is mostly found in Asian countries.

What is the difference between Cape and Water Buffalo?

What is the difference between Cape and Water Buffalo?

The Cape and Water buffalo differ mainly in size and behavior. We have all heard how aggressive and hot-tempered buffaloes are. The fact is it’s only the African buffalo which is hot-tempered and aggressive. Actually, the water buffalo has a very mild character and is actually domesticated in some parts of Asia

What is the size of a Buffalo?

What is the size of a Buffalo?

On the other hand, Buffalo has a massive frame but no hump. Its size is also quite impressive. The Cape buffalo is 11 feet and weighs about 2000 pounds. The water buffalo can go up to 9 feet and weighs can weigh as much as 2650 pounds. This makes the water buffalo the largest.

Bison vs Buffalo comparison and difference

Bison has a hump while the buffalo doesn’t. The hump which is located in the shoulder region helps the bison’s head to function as a plow to sweep away snowdrifts in the wintertime.

The horns too are different for the two animals. The bison has small sharp horns while the buffalo has longhorns, though not as sharp as in the bison.

Bison have a shaggy-hairy coat which helps them during the cold season to stay warm. Buffaloes have a smooth glossy coat with less hair than the bison, mostly due to the fact that the buffaloes stay in warmer areas than the bison.

Bison vs Buffalo Fight comparison- who will win?

buffalo vs bison

Now let’s come to the big question. Between the bison and the buffalo who can win in the event of a fight.

Due to the differences in the character of the water and the Cape buffalo, you wouldn’t expect the water buffalo to get involved in a serious fight. They are actually domesticated and this makes them very calm compared to their cousin which is famous for its short temper and aggressiveness.

The Cape buffalo is one of the most feared animals by hunters. And due to its unpredictable nature, the cape buffalo has remained to be very dangerous to other animals and human beings as well.

Naturally, the buffalo has many predators and this makes the buffalo defend itself from its predators which include the lion and the crocodiles.

In a fight with a bison, the buffalo will most likely win the fight due to its aggressive and unpredictable behavior, while on another hand, Bison is more muscular, stalky and have a stronger bone structure. But this fight will be a very tough one because the bison and the buffalo are almost the same size and have the same characteristics.

Watch the Bison Vs Buffalo fight comparison in the video below.

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  1. Animalscomparison team,

    I have gone with your post on Buffalo vs Bison, it is good read.
    By the way, I have few questions, I think it is worthy to read them.
    I know that Bison are getting extinct, people are hunting them. Can we regrow more American Bison Buffalo?

    People often resemble Yak, Buffalo, Bull and Bison. Can you tell me specified difference and comparison between Yak vs Bison.

    You are doing a good job with this website, Keeping doing the good work.
    3. I just want to clear difference between Yak vs Bison Buffalo?

    • Amy,

      These species are interbreeding. Thus, Bull, Buffalo, yak and bison are almost same. Some Centers are working for their upliftment.

      I will write a detailed post on Yak vs Bison vs Buffalo vs Bull difference and comparison. Yak is new breed come from Bison and Buffalo.

  2. American bisons are going extinct. What American Government is doing about it. How American buffalos are kept safe from getting extinct.

    I guess, only 300 bisons are preserve only at plains area. Any opinion on same.

    • Tony John,

      Out of 6 species, 5 species of bisons are extinct, Only American Bisons are remaining.

      Some of the centers working for Ameircan bisons and other animals.

      Yellowstone National Park- it has around 3500 animals.
      Henry’s Mountains
      Book Cliffs- it has around 500 animals

  3. I knew that Bisons are very aggressive in nature. I have a doubt, Can we domesticate American Bison? Buffaloes can be domesticated but what about Bisons?

  4. I thought Bison and Buffalo are the same animals with different names. They look huge! What a horn! Like the king’s crown.

  5. Look at their hair, they are not fur, so much, hey look hairy and yes, huge! They look aggressive too. So, north and south, both America and some part of Europe has bison. Buffaloes look great too, they look like gentleman beside bison.

  6. Gentlemen? No way, buffaloes look tamed and a bit soft in nature. Bison has got too much wild appearance and look at their horns, they are too sharp.

    • Leitla,

      It seems Bison will win the fight, it would be one-sided but Buffaloes are with more fighting/ encounters experience.

      So, I will go with Buffalo.

  7. I love their horns, the bison has the toughest and royal horns. You can dream about their horns, running after animals, they sure will run for their life. They live 13 to 21 years. A heavy source for meat.

  8. Hey you mind it, are you an animal hater? Why do you say such thing? How can you? See they are bird lovers too. Those animals are huge but the small birds are happy with them

    • No, I am not an animal Hater, I compare animals strengths and weakness. I am also coming with dogs comparison soon so that you make wise decision before buying any dog or pet.

      Yes, Birds love them. they like to spend on their back. I am coming with more animal comparison in coming days.

  9. They have fur in front of their body but bison has got thick hairs and good body, strongly built! These Bison looks aggressive and too heavy. Their heads are heavy and large.

  10. They are four footed like other animals but they look like huge and a bit wild. But they eat grass, so they can be tamed I think. How did the western people used to control them?

    • They live in the mountains and there are near extinction.

      It is humans who are hunting them. we need to do something to save bison.

  11. “Bison can never be domesticated, they are so wild, “I believe it. No doubt, they look so wild. Ha, ha, ha, now I know, how it is 2 million.

  12. Hmmm, I wish Buffaloes were available in Asian countries. People could have lived better there, with enough canvas for shelter, weapon, hmmm. Interesting.

  13. The bison has got bright colors, brown, reddish brown and black. Buffaloes are black, why aren’t they clean? I like clean and tidy animal.

  14. -Gosh! Clean and tidy animals are pets, not like these. These are wild animals, buffaloes are tamed and kept for working in the fields. They become clean after they take bath. Their owners and some children help when buffaloes take bath.

  15. Look at the bison, they look strange, having beard and a skinny tail! The buffalo, it has a huge body, OMG, it weighs 2000ibs! But they only live on hay & grass!

    • It’s not about what they eat, if you see rhinos, they feed on grass and plants with very strong appearance and bone structure.

      Sometimes, small animals can kill a large animal. If bison vs buffalo got in one to one fight then it is a tough fight.

  16. How much do they eat, to keep such a body? Ha ha ha, so the bison can never be tamed and buffaloes can be? Look at the buffaloes, the look like a family member. The bison looks like one head but 2 bodies added to me, anyone, can you see?

  17. How could their small legs bear the strength of such a body? I think nature helps them! Indian buffaloes look better than cape buffaloes. But both got the strong body.

  18. The horns of the bison, so thin and sharp but buffaloes are thick and different. I am trying to guess how it feels! Two strong horns, so long and so tough. These are water buffaloes that are fed on grass. Cape buffaloes are seen near rocky areas. 160000 and 150 million water buffaloes, wow, it can feed the world!

  19. Water buffaloes give meat, milk, and cattle? Hmm and if they fight? Obviously, the bison is going to win, their horn, sharp & strong, buffaloes can be tamed, so they are not so wild like bison.


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