Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win fight between Grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger?

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Tiger vs Grizzly Bear will be the perfect battles of the unstoppable predators. In fact, Siberian Tiger is the perfect match for the Grizzly Bear as it will test its power as well as robustness. So, it worthy to watch the fight between Grizzly Bear vs Siberian Tiger.

It is quite fascinating that both animals have stunning abilities and belong to powerful species of animals. Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tiger are the most popular animals that draw the attention of numerous people for its deadly abilities and powerful body.

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How are Grizzly bears in terms of Strength?

Where Do Grizzly Bear lives?

Grizzly Bear are powerful and strong North American bears that are commonly found in many parts of USA and Canada. Grizzly bear is a subspecies of brown bear.

Is Grizzly bear endangered?

Grizzlies were found once in whole USA and Mexico but according to the statistics provided by IUCN they are now listed as endangered.

Are Siberian tigers are smaller than Grizzly bears?

These North American Grizzly Bear weighs 340 kgs and have a head and body length of 7 ft 8 inch. The shoulder height of the Grizzly Bear will be 3 ft 5 inch to 4 ft 1 inch. The Siberian tigers are slightly smaller when compared to the Grizzly Bear.

How Grizzly bear looks in appearance?

Although Grizzly Bear are variable in color from black to nearly blond,  the grizzly bear furs are brown and have darker colored legs.

How can we identify a Grizzly bear?

Pronounced hump will appear on its shoulder and it is a sure way to distinguish the grizzly bear from any black bear. Grizzly Bear can also be easily identified with its rump that is quite lower with respect to its shoulders when compared to another bear’s rump.

What is the lifespan of a grizzly bear?

Grizzly Bears are long-living animal by nature. The average lifespan of a Grizzly Bear male is 22 years, and female is 26. Female Grizzly Bear lives longer when compared to male due to less dangerous life and also because it avoids the seasonal breeding fights.

What does Grizzly bear eat?

kodiak bear fight

Grizzly bear feed on moose, bison, fishes, deer, sheep, and birds. Grizzly bears also hunt and kill the black bear rarely.

What are the interesting facts about Siberian Tiger?

Is Siberian Tiger endangered?

As the name suggests that Siberian Tigers are from Siberia in Russia. Siberian Tigers are also known as the Amur Tiger.

Are Siberian Tigers extinct?

They are extinct in the wild in many regions of Russia and now they are commonly found in the zoo and captivity. However, Government of Russia is trying to reintroduce the Siberian Tigers into the wild to make them a part of the ecosystem again.

Is Siberian tiger endangered?

What does Siberian Tiger hunt?

IUCN has declared that Siberian Tigers are in the status of endangered species.

How many Siberian tigers are left in the world?

As per, 480-540 tigers are left in the world. The stats is of year, 2018.

What does Siberian tiger hunt?

Siberian Tigers are the largest living animals that roam in the earth and some of its common prey is Sika Deer, Manchurian Wapiti, Goral, Musk Deer and many others. Siberian tiger also preys on the black and brown bear in Siberia.

What is the bite force of the Siberian tiger?

Bite force: 1050 psi

What is the weight, height, length size of Siberian tiger?

Siberian Tigers are slightly smaller when compared to Bengal tigers. Adult male Siberian tiger measuring up to 350 cm and weighing up to 318 kg have been recorded. Adult female weight ranges from 100 to 167 kg.

Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison:

Grizzly bear vs Siberian Tiger

AnimalsGrizzly BearSiberian Tiger
SpeciesU.arctos ssp.P.tigris
Average Head &  Body Length7 ft 8 inch7 ft 4 inch
Shoulder Height4 ft 1 inch3 ft 3 inch
Average Weight340 kg305 kg
AreaUSA and CanadaRussia
Force4 – very good5 – excellent
Technique5 – excellent5 – excellent
Stamina5 – excellent 4 – very good
Intelligent4 – very good5 – excellent
Average Life Span 25 years18 years

Is Siberian tiger a better hunter than Grizzly bear?

When compared to Grizzly Bear, the Siberian Tigers are far better hunters. Siberian Tiger’s canine teeth will be thicker and longer than the Grizzly Bear’s. Both the paws of Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tiger would swipe with equal power and strength. However, tigers are more intelligent when compared to the Grizzly Bear. Grizzly bear is heavier, taller and longer than the Siberian tiger.

Can a Siberian Tiger kill a bear?

Once there was a lack of natural prey in Russia and Siberian tiger killed the brown bear for its food. North American Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tigers are solitary hunters. However, the Siberian tiger could easily take down its large prey and acts as the dominant predator than Grizzly bear.

Siberian tigers are also known for killing a pack of 3 wolves, but Grizzly bear could not do it alone.

Does Siberian Tiger eat a bear?

The Siberian tigers are also known for killing the Asiatic black bears. According to the stats black bears constitutes around 8% of their diet. Since Grizzly bear is full of fat, it would be difficult for finding the grip on the grizzly bear neck as well as many other body parts. Body fat of the grizzly bear protects him from the internal injury.

Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tigers are the amazing and fierce hunters and fighters, so it would be quite interesting to know who would win the battle. Both the hunters can stand on the ground and maul with the front paws simultaneously.

Grizzly bear will try to use its size to intimidate the tiger and to crush the rushing Tiger standing on its hind legs. The Grizzly bear is quite powerful. The Siberian tiger could easily defeat the smaller bears and preys on them but not most of the larger grizzly bears. Until the Siberian Tigers hits the vulnerable spots, clawing its face and biting the neck of Grizzly bear, it would be quite difficult to overcome the bear.

Siberian Tigers would have more advantage over the grizzly bear as it is much quicker, faster, intelligent and cleverer than the grizzly. Siberian Tigers also have the strong muscular body with the forelimbs when compared to the Grizzly. In fact, Siberian Tigers has the strongest muscular body when compared to any another Carnivora predator.

Grizzly bear vs Siberian Tiger-who will win?

According to statistics, history and facts, the Siberian Tigers have the upper hand over the grizzly bear to win the head to head fight.

I hope you like reading on Tiger vs grizzly bear fight comparison.


  1. Once I saw a propaganda video of how inhumane North Koreans are to animals animals that included animal battles. It was taken over a single shot, unlike British cut and pastes, which showed a tiger fiercely attacking a black bear until the bear was soaked in blood. Then, as soon as tiger was fatigued, the bear slapped the tiger across the face and tiger could no longer bite. The bear started biting onto the tiger’s open mouth by sides of tiger’s gums. Tiger retreated as soon as bear released its jaw. Tiger has an advantage from speed & initial bite force but tiger lacks stamina and its bite force is mainly supported by the neck and enhanced by acceleration from charging towards opponent plus its shaking motion to squeeze its teeth deep into flesh. Bear has extremely durable skin with very high endurance plus its biting force comes from its ability to chew that allows continued (but not instantaneous) exertion of force. As with all plant/nut eaters, bear can chew at very high force (just like how a kid can easily eat nuts that adults can’t smash with hands/fists) Tiger’s jaw can lock into a flesh but it cannot repeat the charge+bite+shake combination when fighting, so it boxes; and that’s why tiger sneaks onto a prey and goes for an instant kill. It avoids confronting large preys. However, bears live much longer, their time of youth is longer, and they are skinny and vulnerable for months of every year after hibernation. When it comes to a full grown Grizzlies that can actually push trees over and wrestle preys with abilities to take bullets, I don’t see anything besides rhino, hippo, giraffes (their horse kicks with supersized legs crush large bones), and elephants as its match.


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