Lizard vs Spider Fight Comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Lizard vs Spider?

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Everyone would love to know how a fight between a lizard and the spider would end. This article will answer the question who’s tougher than the other. You will also get to know some basic facts worth noting about this two animals. Go further to know Lizard vs Spider fight comparison, who will win?

lizard vs spider

Do Lizards have dry scaly skin?

There are over 4000 species of lizards. Generally, they have small heads long bodies and tails. Their bodies are covered with a dry scaly skin.

Which part of world, will not have any lizards?

Lizards are found in almost every continent except Antarctica.

How Lizards looks like?

With the large number of species, you can be sure that these creatures are very diverse in characters size and even appearance. Most lizards have four legs but a few have two legs some none and some have no legs.

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What is size, length and weight of a Lizard?

Lizards vary greatly in size, with the largest being the Komodo dragon which has a length of 3 meters and can weigh up to 80 kg (176 lbs). the smallest lizard is the dwarf gecko which has a length of 1.6 cm and weighs about 120 ml.

Where do the lizards live?

Lizards are found in most areas in the world. There are some that prefer staying on the trees, others in different vegetation’s, while others live on rocks. Some even love hiding on rooftops and on the walls of most houses.

How do lizards reproduce?

Being a reptile a lizard will reproduce by laying eggs which later hatch to baby lizards.  One great thing about baby lizards is they are self- sufficient right from birth. They can feed run walk run and even feed themselves. Most lizards reach maturity after 19 months to 7 years but this may vary depending on the species.

How does Lizard smell and sense?

Did you know that lizards smell using their tongues? Lizards stick out their tongues to catch scent particles with their tongues and place the particles on the upper part of their mouth.

Are spider is same as insects?

Most people confuse the spider to be one of the insects however the spider is not an insect. Spiders belong to the arachnid family.

How many species of spiders are there?

There are over 40,000 species of spiders and almost all of them being poisonous.

Spider vs Insects difference and comparison

Just like insects spiders are arthropods, meaning their exoskeleton is outside their body. The main difference between insects and spiders is the number of legs and the body parts. The number of legs in spiders is eight while insects have six legs. Spiders also have two body parts while the insects have three body parts.

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What is length and body size of a Spider?

Spider sizes vary greatly in size due to the many species. the smallest spider is the tarantula which has a body length of 90 mm. the largest spider in the world is the Goliath bird-eating tarantula.

Spiders are known for their strong silk. They secrete the silk from spinneret glands in their abdomen. the silk is used to make webs for trapping their prey.

How do spiders reproduce?

Spiders reproduce by laying eggs. They may store them in a sac to keep them safe or carry them along while they move.

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Spider vs lizard fight comparison- who will win?

Unless the spider is as large as the giant tarantula or huge Black Widow Spider, the lizard here will easily emerge as a winner. For one the spider is usually very slow in movement, it can’t be compared by the rapid lizard. It has to spend some time to go closer to the lizard so that it can at least inject its venom into the lizard.

The lizard is a fast-moving reptile and will move very fast when in danger. It uses its mouth to bite while fighting with other small reptiles. I hope you like reading article on Lizard vs Black widow spider.


  1. heres what i think. the lizard sees the black widow the black widow tries to bite but the lizard dodges and lizard bite the slow widow the lizard flips him upside down and the lizard bite and rips him apart i hope you like it.


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