Peacock vs. Turkey Fight Comparison – Who will Win?

Turkey vs Peacock

Who will win the fight- Peacock or Turkey?

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Peacock and Turkey – these birds are opposite in terms of appearance, and you can easily distinguish which one is a peacock and which one is a turkey by a single look. This article will help you know about Peacock vs. Turkey fight comparison and who is going to win the fight between them.

Which animal is national bird of India?

Peacock, the national bird of India, is such a beautiful and bounteous bird belonging to the pheasant family of birds.

What are different colors in Peacocks?

The birds of the pheasant family have colors of black, red, orange, blue, or gray, along with an attractive and beautiful tail behind their body and a crown on their head.

Why peacock is Indian bird of India?

Peacock has always had an importance in India. Because of its significance in Indian mythology like peacock paintings, peacock carvings, thrones, floors, gates, carpets during earlier times in forts and palaces, Peacock was well suited to be the national bird of India.

Can Hunting a peacock is crime?

Hunting and poaching of Peacock India can lead to imprisonment for life.

How long can a Peacock live?

Peacocks in the wild, as a species, can live from 10 years to 25 years on average. In captivity, breeders have reported that Peacocks can live up to 50 years.

How fast can a Peacock run?

According to the wildlife surveys, Peacocks can attain a top speed of 16 Km/h while running.

Can a Peacock fly? If yes, then how fast?

Yes, Peacocks can fly but not like other birds. They can fly for short distances at low altitude and can reach a top speed of 32Km/hr.

What is the size and weight of a Peacock?

Male Peafowls, known as Peacocks, have a size of up to 7.5 feet or 2.3 meters in length, and the tail of the Peacock can be of 4 – 5 feet in length. Peacocks can weigh from 9 – 13 pounds.

On the other hand, female Peafowls called Peahens are comparatively small, having a size of 2 feet 10 inches or 0.86 meters in length. They do not have long tails such as that of a Peacock. Peahens can weigh from 6 – 9 pounds.

What does a Peacock eat?

Peacock can eat both carnivorous and herbivorous diet, which means that they fall into the category of Omnivores. Peacocks can eat fruits, berries, grains, seeds, grasses, flower petals, and some small plants also. Other than these, they also eat small snakes, reptiles, mammals, and insects.

How aggressive are peacocks?

Peacocks are naturally calm birds, but they get furious when it comes to conflict for their territory. In the mating season, Peahens who have laid eggs can attack if anyone goes close to their nest. On the other hand, the Peacock who protects the Peahen will attack any other male if it approaches them. Peacocks are seen to have friendly behavior with humans when they are given time and love.

Turkey vs Peacock

What are different types of Turkey?

Turkey is a large colorful bird that is said to be first seen or originated in the Americas. North American continent has two types of Turkey species: Wild Turkey and Ocellated Turkey. The male turkeys have a characteristic fleshy part that hangs from the top of their beak. Like Peacocks, male Turkeys are much more colorful than females.

How long can a Turkey live?

Wild turkeys can live for about six to seven years on average, and there are some exceptional cases where turkeys have lived up to 10 years.

How fast can a turkey run?

Wild turkeys can attain a top speed of 40 km/hr as they have muscular legs.

How fast can a Turkey fly?

According to the wildlife surveys, Turkey can fly at a top speed of 88 Km/hr. But the domestic Turkeys are bred to be bigger in size so that they can provide meat, and because of their weight they cannot fly – they can only run.

What is the size and weight of Turkey?

The male turkeys have a size of 100-120 cm in length and can weight about 11 – 24 pounds, while female turkeys have a size of about 75 – 95 cm in length and weight of about 5.5 – 11 pounds.

What does Turkey eat?

Turkeys can adjust their diets according to the seasons. In the spring season, turkeys eat buds, grasses, and small plants. In the summer season, they eat berries and small insects while in autumn and winter season they eat nuts, fruits, and grains. So turkeys also fall in the category of omnivores like peacocks.

How aggressive are Turkeys?

Wild turkeys are very bold and aggressive not only towards other animals and birds but also towards humans. Exposing yourself regularly to a wild turkey will make the turkey likely to lose the fear of people. Once they become bold and furious, it becomes tough to control them and they can cause damage to humans.

Peacock or Turkey fight comparison- Who win win?

According to my opinion, the fight between a peacock and a turkey would be an unfair fight when it comes to the size of these birds. But observing other facts and figures, it is true that a turkey is bolder and more aggressive than a peacock.

A turkey will surely not be able to knock down a peacock, but at least it can make a peacock fly away from the war arena!


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