Coyote vs Wolf vs Pit Bull fight comparison – Who will Win?

Who will win the fight- Coyote, Wolf or Pitbull?

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Animals generally fight to prove their superiority, to hunt or to defend themselves from their predators. These three animals, namely Coyote, Pitbull and Wolf are three powerful animals of different kinds. Although Coyote and Wolf fall under the same family there are a number of differences in certain aspects. The Pitbull is a type (breed) of dog which is considered a domestic animal and is kept in many houses as a pet.

Before comparing these three animals let us first know a little about Coyote vs Wolf vs Pit bull to conclude who will win the fight:

What are the interesting facts about Coyotes?

Coyotes (also known as Canis Latrans) are animals who can adapt to any weather conditions easily. They belong to the Canine family. They are really intelligent animals with good stamina and strength. They use their paws, claws and teeth as their weapon. The nose of the Coyote is narrow and pointed.

Where are Coyotes found?

They are mostly found in America in the grasslands, forests and deserts.

How fast can Coyote run?

Coyotes are really fast animals who can cover up to 30 – 40 mph when necessary.

What is the size of a Coyote?

They seem like medium-sized dogs and their weights vary from 18 – 51lb. But Coyotes are comparatively smaller than the wolves.

How long can a Coyote live?

The average life span of a Coyote is 6 to 8 years.

wolf vs coyote vs pitbull

What are the interesting facts about Wolf?

Wolves (also known as Canis lupus or Grey wolf) are animals which are the largest extant member of the Canine family. They are much more intelligent with greater stamina and strength compared to Coyotes.

Where are Wolves found?

They are found in North America, North Africa and Eurasia. But they are also found in many other places in the world and their colour and size vary according to location.

How big is a Wolf?

They weigh about 95 – 99 lbs and can grow up to 200 lbs. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous and powerful animals.

How fast can a Wolf run?

The top speed of a Wolf is 34 – 43 mph.

What is the lifespan of a Wolf?

They live for 6 – 13 years and few live up to 20 years.

What are the interesting facts about Pitbull?

Pitbull is a variety of dog who are great companions of many families. They are known for their courage, size and obedience. Although they are considered as a domestic animal they can be dangerous too. Pit bulls can put up a fight with other animals and most often wins them too. In some places, pit bulls are also considered as an aggressive breed.

How long can a Pitbull live?

They live for 8 – 15 years.

What is the size of a Pitbull?

They weigh 30 -90 lbs. They are popular for their body structure, massive size and muscles. They have strong, wide and powerful jaws too.

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Coyote vs Pitbull vs Wolf Fight comparison- who will win?

From the above facts, we can clearly see that Coyotes are weaker than Pit bulls and Wolves, although they are wild animals and belong to the same family as the Wolf. Pit bulls often win in the fights between them and Coyotes. Even wolves can tackle Coyotes easily as they are much more efficient and stronger than Coyotes, both physically and mentally whereas Coyotes are lighter and smaller than Wolves.

Since Coyotes are more comfortable around humans than wolves they do not hesitate to hurt or attack other species. There are a lot of evidence of Pitbull killing and scaring Coyotes away to protect and guard their family which tells us that Pit bulls and Wolves are stronger than coyotes.

But the battle between a Wolf and a Pitbull will be a very tough and a heavyweight battle. Both animals have their own advantages that they use to attack their predators. Most of their matches/battles end up in a tie and they return back with heavy wounds and a bleeding body.

But when it comes to animal behaviour, wolves are considered to be a more assertive and dominant species. This battle between a Pitbull and Wolf turns out to be an exception. But winning against each other depends upon the case, i.e, the battle. There are records of both the cases i.e., both the animals have won over each other.

According to my opinion, I would say that wolves are more powerful and can win over both Pitbull and Coyotes. This is because of its huge and massive size. It is also because they are very intelligent with better stamina and strength compared to the other two animals. And also they are wild animals whereas Pitbull is considered as a domestic animal.

I hope you like reading fight comparison on Pitbull vs Coyote vs Wolf.



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