African Buffalo vs Bull fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between African Buffalo vs Bull?

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Buffaloes and bulls are very similar in many aspects. It can, therefore, be of great importance if we compare the two animals and see which is stronger than the other and which animal can win in the event of a fight. The detailed comparison between African Buffalo vs Bull is given below-

buffalo vs bull

What is size of horns in Bulls?

Bulls are uncastrated male bovines and for our case, they are the ‘male cows’. Most bulls have horns and some can grow up to 7 feet like the ankole-watusi cattle. The ankole-watusi cattle are known for their extremely large horns which are 7 feet 18 to 20 inches in circumference and weigh about 100 pounds.

What is the weight of the bull?

The size of a bull mostly depends on the breed of the cow.  There are some cows with large frames and others with much smaller structures. The average weight of a bull is 500 to 1000 kg. Average because there are other bulls with massive sizes which weigh over 1000 kg. Weight is important in animals because the more an animal weighs the more strength the animal.

How do bulls fight?

For this article, it is important for us to know how bulls defend themselves from other animals. Bulls use their horns to gore when disturbed. They have very strong horns which they can use against their enemies and anyone who is disturbing them.

Where do Buffaloes found?

The buffalo is a large bovine found in the African savanna and some parts of Asia.

What is height and weight of Water Buffalo?

Buffaloes are of two types, the water, and the African buffalo. The water buffalo has an amazing body structure and weight as it stands at a height of up to 1.3 meters and a weight of 550 kg. They are quite tame and for this reason, they have been domesticated in some parts of Asia.

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Water Buffalo vs African Buffalo difference and comparison

The African buffalo, on the other hand, is a very aggressive and dangerous animal. It is believed to have attacked, fatally wounded and even killed hunters when least they expected. Its unpredictable nature has earned it some fame, making it be named “the warrior buffalo”.

The African buffalo is not as large as the water buffalo but still has an amazing body structure. At a height of 1.0 to 1.7m an adult African buffalo weighs about 590 kg. It has sharp horns and a powerful neck which they use for self-defense when invaded by the predator.

Buffalo vs Bull fight comparison- who will win?

Bulls and Buffaloes are much alike in many aspects from the appearance to the way they attack and defend themselves. The water buffalo is a tame and calm animal by nature but its power and strength cannot be underestimated when angered. Bulls, on the other hand, are strong and actually, they weigh much more weight than the water buffaloes.

But again how strong and dangerous bull is, is determined by the breed of the cow. Some have a short stature and others have big gigantic structures. A fight between the water buffalo and an average bull can end with the two seriously injured and possibly the water buffalo losing.

The Cape buffalo is one dangerous and short-tempered animal that has been known to change the predator to a prey and killing some of its predators.

It even takes several lions to kill a fully grown cape buffalo. Putting all this together a bull is no match for a buffalo. Both the bull and the cape buffalo can gore and injure each other seriously but the cape buffalo would still carry the day. I hope you like fight comparison on Bull vs African Buffalo


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