Beaver vs Otter vs Muskrat fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Beaver vs Otter vs Muskrat?

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landed at the right place because this article will help you know the complete details and features of beaver, otter, and muskrat. These animals are very similar in appearance which often confuses people. These animals live in the forest and forage their food themselves.

Beaver vs Otter
Beaver vs Otter

What are the interesting facts about Beaver?

Beavers are one of the largest living rodents in the world. They have a thick and hard fur that protects them from uncomfortable environment like cold and heat. They have webbed feet, flattened and scale covered tails so they can easily swim in water.

How does a Beaver build a dam?

With powerful jaws and strong teeth, they bring down trees in to build homes and dams. Its main characteristic is that it changes its living environment. Beavers have large teeth and their upper incisors are from 20 to 25 mm long.

Beaver continue to grow and adapt to a semi aquatic existence with closable nostrils, ears and transparent eyes.

How big is a Beaver?

A beaver can grow up to 60 lbs in weight and 23 to 39 inches in height.

What are the interesting facts about Otter?

Otters are fun creatures to watch and they are highly intelligent. Most of the people don’t know much about Otters so this article will help them learn more about them. Otters are meat eaters so they always hunt for small animals, fishes and much more in the forest.

Where are Otters found?

The Otters are natural swimmers and they are found in waterways in every continental area except Australia and Antarctica.  They have long, sleek, streamlined bodies and connected feet that help them to swim very well in the sea. They are often seen floating on their backs. Their thick hair helps them to trap air and makes them light weight.

How big is an Otter?

It grows from 4.9 to 5.9 feet long and its weight can go up to 90 lbs.

Beaver vs Muskrat

Beaver vs Muskrat

What are some interesting facts about Muskrats?

Muskrats are large animals and are related to rats, voles, mice, etc. They are round with short legs and almost invisible ears.

How big is a Muskrat?

Muskrats are about the size of large rats. They grow from 16 to 25 inches long and their weight is from 1.5 to 4 lbs.

Where is Muskrat found?

The muskrats are generally found in North America but it was also spotted in some areas of northern Eurasia in 20th century. It mostly likes to eat a diet consisting of water lilies, roots, cattails and pond weed.

Beaver vs Otter vs Muskrat fight comparison- Who will Win?

If the three of them are fighting together then Beaver will be the winner because the beaver is largest in comparison to the otter and muskrat. Beaver has sharp teeth and more mass that helps him to attack its opponent easily. They can defend themselves from their opponents without getting any wounds.

The other two animals, Otter and Muskrat are also good fighters but beavers are stronger and more powerful in comparison to otters and muskrats.

Beavers are more intelligent, they know how to handle fights and how to defend themselves from otters and muskrats, while on other hand, the otters and muskrats have low intelligence and get more wounds from the beaver.

I hope you liked reading this article on Beaver vs Otter vs Muskrat comparison.


  1. I¡¦m not positive where you are getting your information, however good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or working out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be searching for this information for my mission.

    • It is all about keyword research to get such topics on animals like beaver, otter and muskrat. Keep subscribing blog for more articles on animal comparison.

  2. The similarity is remarkable! But that is only from the outside. The most beneficial animal of society is the beaver. Next comes the muskrat, known for its musk and then the otter.

  3. Yeah! The beaver is a good dam maker, tree cutter, which helps the natural habitat. But the beaver & the muskrat are rodents,(animals with sharp teeth like rats).

  4. The difference that can easily be seen is beaver has a spread tail and the otter has a long thin tail, while the muskat has a thin long tail.


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