Rat vs Cat Fight- Do Cats eat Rats?

Who will win the fight between Rat vs Cat?

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Fights between different animals occur due to various reasons. Some of the possible reasons include: invasion of territory, for food, or protection. There are some fights where you can easily predict the winner due to the clear differences between the animals. For instance, predicting a fight between a domestic and a wild animal with similar characteristics could be easy. Here you can check fight between rat vs cat.

rat vs cat

However, it is quite challenging to predict what will happen if a fight happens between unrelated animals. Below is a discussion that can help to predict the winner if a cat vs rat were involved in a fight.

What are interesting Facts on rats?

Rats are some of the most common animals that people encounter. These long-tailed rodents are medium sized but vary in color. At times, people do not know how to differentiate between a rat and a mouse. Rats are generally larger than mice and they originated in Asia. Rarely do rats weigh more than 500 grams (1.1lb).

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It is worth noting that rats are opportunistic survivors living near humans. Rats mostly consume readily available food because they do not hunt. Interestingly, rats can be tamed and trained to behave in a certain way. Rats are not dangerous because they do not fight back. In most cases, whenever they sense danger, they tend to run for safety.

Rats are omnivorous animals meaning that they can consume both animal foods and plants. The high birth rate of these animals enables them to reproduce quickly. Rats living in the wild prey on nestlings or eggs. At home, rats eat food that is readily available to them.

What are interesting facts on Cats?

Cats are furry, carnivorous animals that are small in size. They can be kept at home as pets because they easily adapt to house conditions. People love keeping cats because they hunt vermins. Cats are similar to other types of animals belonging to felids.

How a Cat looks like?

Some of the notable characteristics include sharp claws, flexible body, strong muscles, and teeth adapted for killing prey. Cats can easily hear sounds that are too faint for the human ear to hear. Also, cats have other unique qualities such as seeing in the dark and an outstanding sense of smell.

Cats also hunt alone because they have what it takes to kill small sized animals. Cats have significantly contributed to the extinction of most bird species.

Do Cats kill and eat rats?

Additionally, cats also prey on rats because they are easy targets and more available than birds. Yes, Cats kill and eat rats. There are some videos where cats are trained with rats and spending healthy time with each other.

The retractable claws of cats, swiftness, and aggressiveness make them successful hunters. Fully grown cats can weigh as much as 5 kilograms depending on how they feed and the species

Cat vs Rat fight- who will win?

From the above descriptions, cats are more adapted to fighting than rats. Let us first compare their body size in terms of strength. Cats are stronger than rats and have a larger body. An adult rat and cat have significant differences in size and abilities. Cats are more muscular than rats and thus are in a better position to kill rats. The retractable claws of cats are strong and have the ability to harm the rat. Also, cats can run faster than rats meaning that they can easily capture them.

Cats are carnivorous animals whose teeth are well adapted to tearing flesh. The canines of cats can hold the rat by the neck and penetrate hence suffocating the latter. A rat does not have the ability and strength to even lift a cat. Its teeth are not strong enough to harm the cat as well. According to this comparison, a rat does not stand any chances of defeating a cat in case of a fight between them. I hope you like reading on Cat vs Rat fight.


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