Eagle vs Hawk fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win fight between Eagle vs Hawk?

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You have probably watched a WWE wrestling match or a UFC match. But have you ever thought what would happen when a Hawk and an Eagle decide to fight? Who would win in an Eagle vs Hawk fight? Before we start taking sides, lets first take a look at the both of this birds’ physical attributes that may contribute to its success.

Eagle vs Hawk

What are the interesting facts about Eagle?

With the exception of some vultures, Eagles are generally much larger compared to the other birds. Eagles have an amazing eyesight that can spot prey up to two miles away. The sharp eyesight enables the eagle to soar to great heights where they cannot be seen by the prey. The eyes take almost 50% of the Eagle’s head. And did you know that its vision is far better than that of the human being? Yes, actually 4-5 times better than a human’s vision.

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The eagle’s eye can detect five basic colours as compared to the human’s three colours and at a great height of about 2 miles the Eagle is able to locate its prey.

How fast can an Eagle fly?

Talking about the Eagle, we can’t fail to mention how fast the bird is. The eagle is able to fly at a speed of about 320 km/hr (200mph) which makes it the second fastest bird. The eagle also has strong muscular legs, powerful beaks and very sharp strong talons that are capable of holding the prey in the air after the capture.

What is the size of an Eagle?

The size of Eagles varies. The largest species of the eagle is the Steller’s Sea Eagle which can weigh over 9 kgs. The eagle’s feathers are made of keratin and grow continuously same as the beaks and the talons. The feathers grow quickly and the new feathers replace the old ones.

What are the interesting facts about the Hawk?

Hawks are a group of diurnal birds of prey of a family of birds known as  Accipitridae. Hawks vary greatly in size. The truth is that hawks are mistaken for other birds such as the Kite, the Buzzard, and the Harrier. But the real hawks are the Goshawks and the Sparrow hawks.  Hawks too have strong feathers and beaks. Their talons are sharp and well adapted for maintaining a grip on the prey as they fly.

What does a Hawk eat?

The majority of the hawks feed on insects, reptiles and mammals. They are also the same birds that kill poultry animals in homes and farms.

Eagle vs Hawk fight comparison- Who will Win?

In reality, the eagle and the hawk are not comparable due to the amazing features possessed by the eagle. The eagle in the first place is capable of taking down an animal larger than its size. Some have even killed goats, monkeys and even deer. Actually, the largest recorded kill made by an eagle was a Duiker deer that was killed by an eagle. The deer was 37 kgs heavy, which was eight times heavier than the eagle.

When it comes to a real fight the Eagle would, of course, emerge as the winner and the hawk would go home fatally injured if not killed.

Eagles are mostly used by people as a symbol to express liberty and power. 25 nations in the world today use the eagle in their coat of arms due to the reputation that the eagle has made for itself. I hope you like reading on eagle vs hawk comparison


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