Snake vs African Lion fight comparison – who will win?

Who will win the fight between King Cobra vs African lion?

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Lion fights are among the best fights to watch. They are actually included in almost every wildlife documentary filmed. But have you ever watched a snake vs. lion fight? Probably not. Then join us in reading this article to know which is the toughest among the two. You will also learn some of the amazing facts you didn’t know about these two animals. Let’s started with some roaring facts about the lion.

african lion vs king cobra snake

What are the interesting facts about Lion?

The Lion is the second largest cat in the cat family. It is known by many as the King of the Jungle, making many people believe that lions live in the jungle. Lions actually don’t live in the jungle; most live in the African grassland and plains.

How many species of Lions are there?

Unlike some animals that have many species, the lion has only one species. But there exist some subspecies. The subspecies are mainly linked with where they originate. For example the Asiatic lion, the Maasai lion, the western African lion, the Somali lion, and the Kalahari lion.

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How loud is a Lion’s roar?

One amazing thing about the lion is that is has a very loud roar, loud enough to be heard about 8 kms (5 miles) away. They are actually the loudest in the cat family. The roar is very useful in communication between the lions; they are able to locate each other easily. The roar can also be useful to tell the young cubs to keep off their home territory.

What are some interesting facts about Snakes?

Snakes are members of the family Serpentes. There are about 3000 species of snakes. Most people perceive all snakes as dangerous and venomous. Contrary to the common belief, not all snakes are poisonous.  Actually, about 2400 snakes are not poisonous, and only 600 are considered poisonous to man.

How do Snakes reproduce?

70 percent of snakes reproduce by laying eggs. The rest reproduce by giving birth to young ones. Surprisingly there are some snakes that don’t reproduce through sex. The Boa Constrictor is one of them. Some species of Boa Constrictors reproduce through asexual means. They, therefore, don’t need males to reproduce.

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How fast can a Snake strike?

Snakes have some amazing features we can’t fail to mention here. One amazing fact is its impressive striking skills while defending itself against the enemy. The snake has amazing striking skills. It is able to lash its head, striking the prey, and move it back to its position, all within the blink of an eye.

How fast can a Snake move?

One area the snake seems to be most disadvantaged is to do with movement. Snakes are quite slow. The python moves at a speed of about 1.6 kmph in an open surface. Very slow indeed.

The black mamba is the fastest snake in the word and can move at an incredible speed of about 20 km/ hr. on average. The average human being can actually outrun a snake.

Do Snakes have ears?

Some interesting facts you should note about snakes is that they have no external ears. Snakes only have the internal auditory system for hearing. The snake also doesn’t possess eyelids. They sleep with their eyes are wide open. Instead of the eyelids, snakes have a transparent layer of scale to protect its eyes.

Snake vs African Lion fight- Who will Win?

Snakes are quite dangerous but a lion is even more dangerous. A snake is only capable of biting and injecting venom into the lion. The lion’s teeth are capable of biting off the head and crushing completely the head of the snake. This will leave the snake dead and the lion with venom.

Whether the snake’s venom will take effect will depend on the type of the snake and the size of the lion. Not all snakes are poisonous anyway, so the lion has a higher possibility of surviving the snake’s bite. I hope you like reading fight comparison on lion vs snake.


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