Leopard vs Cheetah fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Leopard vs Cheetah?

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All cats regardless of how dangerous they may be, are lovable and interesting animals to watch. very few wildlife documentaries fail to feature cats in their videos.

This article will inform you more about the leopard and the cheetah. You will get to know some interesting features you didn’t know about the cheetah and will also get to know between the cheetah vs leopard who is tougher.

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How Fast Do Cheetah runs?

The cheetah has been named the fastest animal in the world due to its superfast running speeds. They can reach speeds of up to 100km/hr. – 120 km/hr. and accelerate to 112 km/hr. in just three seconds.

What is weight and height of a cheetah?

cheetahs have a mass of about 21to 72 kg and a height of 66 to 94 cm. The cheetah has a spotted coat and a long tail which usually is the half as long as the length of its head and its body.

Where are cheetahs found?

Cheetahs are found on the patchy grasslands of eastern southwestern and central Africa and some parts of Iran. Nearly most cheetahs are found in sub-Saharan African where they live in the grassy fields and the open fields where there’s an open ground to hunt.

What does a cheetah eat?

For their meals, cheetahs have antelopes, rabbits, warthogs, gazelles, spring books and even baboons.

Why Cheetah hunts in a day?

Cheetahs hunt in the day to avoid competition from other stronger cats. They use their exceptional eyes to spot a prey around stalk it and with their lightening speeds to pounce on their prey. They have strong jaws and sharp claws which are very useful in holding the prey when killing it.

Is cheetah a vulnerable animal?

Sadly the beautiful cheetah has been ranked among the vulnerable species; all this is due to the conflict with the human being. In many parts, especially the unprotected areas cheetahs get killed by humans for their skin or as the human beings protect their livestock.

leopard vs cheetah

What is height and weight of a leopard?

Leopards are light colored and their coats are spotted. The spots are referred to as rosettes due to their shape which resembles the shape of a rose flower. The leopard has a height of 60 to 70 cm and has a weight of about 26-33 kg.

Where are leopards found?

Unlike the cheetahs, the leopards are more distributed. They are found in  Africa and Asia in the Soviet Union, Malaysia, India, China, and Korea.

How leopards mark their territories?

Leopards are loners mostly they spend their times in their territories alone. The territories are usually marked with scratches and urine which leaves the scent to indicate to the other leopards to stay away.

How Leopard hunt its prey?

While hunting the leopard stalks its prey carefully and quietly until its a few meters away. Then it pounces on its prey and runs until it captures it.

How Fast does leopard run?

The leopard can reach a speed of about 58 km/ hr… Even though not very impressive but the speed is very helpful while hunting.

Cheetah vs leopard difference and comparison

The leopard is much stockier and has a significantly bigger head and paws as compared to the cheetah. A leopard also doesn’t have facial lines unlike the cheetah in the forehead.

Did you know a leopard maintains a curled tail to help it maintain balance when it is leaping high in great speeds? Yes, the leopard leaps over six meters while hunting and it needs a lot of balance.

Leopard vs cheetah fight comparison- who will win?

The leopard is much stockier and stronger than the cheetah. The cheetah has a light body and a slender body. This is quite a disadvantage when it comes to a fight. The cheetahs only weapon is its speed. Unless it “plays”, constantly avoiding the leopard, it will surely get bitten by the strong jaws of the leopard and obviously get killed.

I hope leopard vs cheetah comparison, difference and similarity will help you.


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