Walrus vs Polar Bear fight comparison- Who will win?

Who will win fight between Walrus vs Polar Bear?

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Animals usually live in environments like land, icy and water conditions. Here, you can see two different animals which exist in the icy and watery regions- Polar Bear and walrus. In this article you can know comparison on polar bear and walrus, and which one will win the fight.

walrus vs polar bear

What are some interesting facts about Polar Bear?

The polar bears are tall and large in size up to 10 feet when standing on their back legs. Scientists believe polar bear have originated from brown bear ancestor around 200, 000 years before.  The white fur on the polar bear looks like hollow tubes packed with air. It can clean them by turning around on the snow. The female stay in dens after it gives birth to the cubs.

How big is a Polar Bear?

The male polar bear weighs around 775 to 1200 pounds, which is 351 to 544 kilograms. 

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How does Polar Bear hunt?

It has an excellent sense of smell to identify the prey easily. It can smell a seal in the ice from than half a mile away. But a lot of polar bears have disappeared due to the environmental changes.

Where is Polar Bear found?

A group of bears called a sleuth or pack. Polar Bears are found in the Arctic region like Greenland, Norway, Russia, and the US.

Can Polar Bears swim?

Polar Bears can swim fast, around 6 miles per hour and can swim without rest to identify the prey around 60 miles. It may also take rest around 20 hours in a day without hunting. It can kill the prey and eat around four to five days in a week.

How long can Polar Bear stay without food?

When the polar bear doesn’t intake food for seven to ten days, it reduces the metabolism rate until it catches the next prey. It mainly lives on fat reserves from their diet which includes bearded and ringed seals. The polar bears store their energy when the food isn’t found and their fat enhances buoyancy when they swim.

What are some interesting facts about Walrus?

Walruses are giant animals found in the Arctic region, and it is the largest pinnipeds like semi-aquatic mammals and fin-footed. They are carnivores, but not aggressive. It has a flabby and large body covered in pink or brown skin. The short fur on the walrus covers most of the body regions except fins.

It has two strong and long tusks as well as a mustache. They specifically choose the shallow water region to get ample food supply and take huge rest in the hot climate on the ice.

How big is a Walrus?

The total weight of the walrus can range from 600 to 1, 500 kilograms and the length can be up to 3.2 meters. The male walrus is bigger than the female and have thicker and longer tusks, and thicker skin as well.

The size of walrus tusk is 3 feet and canine teeth can be seen outside of the mouth. The tusk is mainly used to break the ice and climb ice and water upwards. It also protects them.

How fast can Walrus swim?

The average speed of a walrus in the water is approximately 4.35 km per hour and the fastest record is 35 km per hour.

Do Walrus stay in groups?

The walrus groups are known as herds and number of members in a group is around hundred. They gather to take sunbath over the ice. In addition to this, most of the walrus forms a group and female have own group along with male walrus having own herds.

What does a Walrus eat?

The walrus’ favourite food is shellfish and it uses its whiskers to locate the shellfish in the water. It can eat around 4, 000 clams and dead seals.

How does Walrus reproduce?

The gestation period of a female walrus ranges from 15 to 16 months and it gives birth to a single calf. The newly born walrus weigh ranges from 100 to 165 lbs which 45 to 75 kg. The five years old female walrus can mate with the male walrus and it survives about 40 years.

Walrus vs Polar Bear fight comparison- Who will win?

It is interesting to know the comparison between Walrus vs Polar Bear.  I have seen some videos where Polar Bear saw resting walrus and attacked them for meat. Immediately after that Walrus heads towards the sea.

Polar bear again bites with sharp teeth but was not able to make any impact on thick skin of walrus. Walrus hits back with its 4-foot rusks. This time polar bear escapes from the attack of a walrus.

Walrus being a weak animal on land, escape towards the water to get rid of polar bear attacks. Once Polar bear follows Walrus in the water, then comes the best time for Walrus to attack polar bear.

Walrus uses its tusk and injures polar bear, wounded polar bear tries to move towards land but walrus keeps attacking constantly without wasting any single moment and sinks its tusks on the back of polar bear and may even kill the bear.

So, overall verdict says that Polar bear have an advantage on land over walrus but in water, walrus can easily win the fight with the tusk as its main weapon.


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