Lynx Vs Gray Wolf Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Who will win the fight between Lynx vs Gray Wolf?

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We all know how fascinating animal fights are. This article will feature the lynx vs wolf fight. This article will bring you facts about the lynx and the wolf worth noting. You’ll also get to learn more about the two animals and also get to know how a fight between them would result. So… let’s get started.

What is a lynx?

What is a lynx?

A lynx is a small-sized wild cat of the genus Lynx.

How Many Lynx species are there?

How Many Lynx species are there?

Lynx are of four species the Canada lynx, Iberian lynx and the Eurasian lynx and the bobcat.

How Does Lynx look like?

How Does Lynx look like?

The lynx resembles the domestic cat but is much stockier and larger. They have a short tail and tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears. They have long whiskers on the face and padded paws which are very helpful while walking on snow.

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Where are the lynx found?

Where are the lynx found?

Most of the lynx are found in Canada North America and Alaska.  They inhabit the dense grassland and shrubs of North America and in some parts of Eurasia. They will also live in rock crevices or under ledges; this gives them a safe place to rest as well as a home for their kittens to thrive in.

Do Lynx is sensitive to acute hearing?

The lynx is well adapted with large paws which give them the balance needed when they are perusing larger prey. The lynx also has an acute hearing which helps it to hear the sound of an oncoming predator or prey even when they are in a long distance. Their mouth is well packed with sharp teeth and a strong jaw to support them.

What does Lynx eat?

What does Lynx eat?

These are used against their prey, which may include squirrels birds and mice, the bigger lynx such as the Eurasian lynx may even hunt larger deer and other larger prey.

What is the estimated Population of a wolf?

What is estimated Population of a wolf?

The wolf, also known as the western wolf, is a member of the Canidae family. The wolves have an estimated population of about 7,000 to 11,200 in the regions of Alaska and the Great Lakes region in the USA.

What is the average weight of a wolf?

What is the average weight of a wolf?

A wolf typically weighs 30 to 80 kg for the males and 23 to 55 kg for the females.

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What does a Wolf eat?

What does a Wolf eats?

Wolves live and hunt in packs of about 6-8 animals on average. Males and females are typically the leaders of the pack, tracking and stalking prey for the young ones. Wolves are scavengers, feeding on animals that have died due to various causes. Wolves can also kill and eat large hoofed mammals and ungulates like the deer, elk, moose, and caribou.

What is the Habitat of a wolf?

What is the Habitat of a wolf?

You’ll find wolves in North America, Asia, and North Africa. They will mostly be found in swamps and forests.

What is the Gestation period of a wolf?

What is Gestation period of a wolf?

Wolves mate in the winter. They have a gestation period of about nine weeks after. After the gestation period, the female wolves will give birth to a young one which is called a pup. The young wolves are taken care of by the adult wolves until they reach maturity, a period which may take about ten weeks. After about six months the young wolves will now join the rest pack of wolves and becomes a hunter.

How Far Wolf Howl can be heard?

How Far Wolf Howl can be heard?

Did you know: A wolf’s howl is loud enough to be heard as far as 16 km? The wolves use the howl as a means of communication with the rest of the pack members and as a way of defending their territory from other wolves.

Wolf vs Lynx fight comparison- who will win?

lynx vs gray wolf

A fight of the wolf with the Eurasian lynx can be quite a tough one. When it comes to size and agility, the wolf seems to be a little bit disadvantaged. The lynx is much stockier and agile hunter than the wolf. The lynx, especially the Eurasian lynx is a huge predator experienced in hunting large prey such as deer…. So the wolf is not a big deal.

Watch the Lynx Vs Gray Wolf in the video below :

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  1. Sorry, but this comparison is not fair – even the biggest lynx of all four is much smaller than a wolf. You should compare the wolf and the puma – they are similar sized and have common habitat.

  2. Please read the article below. This is an official zoological study on Lynx and Wolf interations in Russia, Belarus, and Poland

    The lynx wins easily. As documented in this article. About 3/4’s of the way down you can find the quoted piece below. This was a fight between an old and undersized lynx, against a prime male gray wolf. The lynx DOMINATED the wolf in the fight and presumably killed it. If an undersized, old lynx can do this, what do you think will happen when the wolf encounters a large prime male?

    “Moreover, we got convinced that an adult lynx, especially a big male can win a fight from any lone wolf. We photo-documented a fight between a not very big and quite old male lynx (older than 8 years) and a (not small) adult male wolf. The lynx threw the wolf on its back, attacking it’s belly. Obviously, the lynx won the fight and most likely the wolf died from his injuries. Before the fight we photographed this easily recognizable wolf frequently, five minutes after the fight the clearly wounded wolf was photographed one more last time.

    So, by near consideration lynxes have plenty of opportunities to kill wolves.”

    Here’s the thing that most people dont realize. Felids are MUCH stronger than dogs. A cat can easily take on a dog or wolf twice its size. Weight doesnt matter much in a fight involving a dog and a cat. The weight difference would have to be gigantic. Oh yeah, Lynx happen to be weaker felids. And they still dominate wolves which are stronger pound for pound than other canids. These are all facts backed by even more proof in that article. The lynx wins. And it wins easily

  3. I’am a zoologist that studied both of these animals in their natuaral envirement. As stated before encounters are rare but i have been able to document around 15 encounters that ended up in a fight. 12/15 encounters were won by the wolf, a grey wolf is just way more agressive, this due to fights with cougars, bears and other wolves. 3/15 were won by the lynx, those 3 encounters mostly took place near the den of the lynx. Wolves just don’t have to worry about any predators (exept humans). Lynx’s need to watch out for wolves, bears, cougars and sometimes even coyotes.

    • Yes against a Canadian lynx this is true. But against a Euro Lynx this fight flips around completely. read my post above yours. It’s an official study with a documented fight. The lynx dominated the fight and killed the much larger gray wolf


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