Armadillo Vs Pangolin Fight Comparison, Who Will Win?

Who will win fight between Armadillo vs Pangolin?

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In the wildlife, millions of species take care of their survival by preparing their own food, shelter and hunt prey by their versatile abilities. The Armadillo is one of the rarest of species in the mammal category. This creature carries diverse and interesting features.

God’s creation of entire living beings is incredible and every creature has their own hidden secrets. Through this post, you can get a detailed and interesting comparison between Armadillo vs Pangolin animals and if they fight, who is going to win and stand out.

What are some interesting facts about Armadillo?

This cute and nice animal in the ecosystem has a hard shell body which protects it from predators and adverse weather conditions. They are found in a number of colors such as dark brown, red, gray, black, yellowish and pinkish colors. Their entire body is completely covered by bony plates.

Is armadillo endangered?

Many armadillos have vanished due to hunting and only a few of them are left. Only a few of armadillo resides in North America. The majority of the armadillo species are severely threatened by hunting and habitat loss.

Where is Armadillo found?

They are adaptable and like to reside in rainforests, semi-arid and grasslands region. 19 types of Armadillos are found in South America.

What is the size of an Armadillo?

The armadillo can grow quite long from a size of 5 to 59 inches and their weight remains between 3 to 120 pounds.

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Can armadillo curl into a ball?

Interestingly the three-banded armadillo species can curl to a ball shape to save themselves from predators whenever they realize that they are in danger and can hide their body. Some other armadillo species can dig a hole or run to escape from the deadly predators.

The long claws and legs make them effective in digging and creating burrows for their survival either alone or with their family. However, the armadillo can rest from 16 to 18 hours in a day inside the burrows.

What does an Armadillo eat?

Their food is insects and they mainly eat small insects, eggs, roots, carrion, fruit, baby birds, etc. They have long and sticky tongue which helps to hunt the termites, ants and other insects. Whether it is the fire ant or any other deadly ant, all is easily grabbed and eaten by an armadillo.

The armadillos are amazing climbers and swimmers.

How do Armadillos reproduce?

The reproduction is quite unique. Their mating season basically happens in July and female armadillos turn pregnant in the month of November. From a single egg, four armadillos can be born known as quadruplets.

The newly born armadillo doesn’t have bony plates and has soft skin which, with the passage of time, turns into a protective shell. It can live between 4 to 7 years in the wild and in captivity survive till 12 to 15 years.

What are some interesting facts about Pangolin?

The pangolins have a sharp and narrow nose as well as a sticky tongue to eat the ants and some other small insects. They have no specific enemies that attack or kill and are mainly killed by hunters for their purpose of obtaining their scales, skin, and meat. Pangolins strip off the bark from trees to find the insects and hidden larvae underneath.

Where are Pangolins found?

Pangolins are found in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. They usually like to live in the forested regions.

How big is a Pangolin?

The pangolin can grow between 12 to 39 inches and weigh around 4 to 40 pounds. The whole body of the pangolin is well protected with leaf-like, flat and sharp plates like a pine cone.

Where does a Pangolin live?

Some species of the pangolin choose tree holes and utilize their sharp claws to climb the top of the trees. Some other species dig a hole and spend most of the time inside the burrows. Pangolin protects them by turning their body like a ball and outer hard plates help protect them against predators.

How does a Pangolin reproduce?

A pangolin can lay 1 to 3 babies. The gestation period is around 120 to 150 days.

Both animals have almost similar food habits, hunting abilities, and self-protection capability from predators.

Armadillo vs Pangolin Fight- who will win?

Armadillo vs Pangolin

The question still remains: who will finally win the fight Armadillo vs. pangolin? Undoubtedly Pangolin because of its huge size, weight and intelligence when compared to the Armadillo.

I hope the article on Armadillo vs Pangolin fight helped you learn amazing facts about them and their nature.


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