Blue Whale Vs Orca Killer Whale Fight Comparison- Who Will Win?

Blue Whale Vs Orca Killer whale

Who will win the fight between Blue whale vs Killer whale( Orca)?

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Blue Whale or Balaenoptera musculus is the biggest marine mammal that belongs to species of baleen whales. Blue Whale is known for growing more than 98 ft or 29.9 meters in length. They have 173 tons of weight that would reach up to 181 tons. Blue Whale is also the largest animal with a slender and long body. Its body is seen in varied shades such as bluish-grey dorsally to lighter underneath. It would be interesting to compare Orca killer whale vs Blue whale.

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Orca or the killer whale is the toothed whale that belongs to the Oceanic dolphin family and is considered as the largest member of the family. The Orca has a diverse diet as they are specialized in particular types of prey. Most of the Orcas feed on the fish, but others also hunt the marine mammals like seals and dolphins.

What are the interesting facts about the Blue Whale?

What are the interesting facts about the Blue Whale?

Blue Whale is the largest marine mammal, growing up to 100 ft in length and weighing more than 150 tons. The massive size of blue whales gives it a majestic look. Blue whales are also the loudest animals, and their sound can be easily heard several miles below the surface of the ocean.

What does the Blue Whale eat?

The primary diet of the blue whales is krill which is a small aquatic animal. Blue Whales are rarely attacked due to their large size.

What animal is the predator of the Blue Whale?

What animal is the predator of the Blue Whale?

Other than humans a pack of the hungry killer whale could attack the blue whale, but these attacks are rarely successful.

The blue whale can travel through the ocean without worrying about being hunted. Blue whales are known as the Apex Predators as they do not have any predators. The blue whale is also known for attacking the whale calves as well as adult whales.

What are some interesting facts about Orca?

What are some interesting facts about Orca?

Killer Whales are often called Orcas, and they usually do not attack humans. Orcas have the ability to easily take down the largest marine animals like sea lions and whales. Orcas also prey in the sea, air over the water and along a coastline.

Where are Orcas found?

Where are Orcas found?

Killer whales are cosmopolitan species, and they are found in marine environments like Antarctic and Arctic regions to the tropical seas.

How does an Orca hunt?

How does an Orca hunt?

Orca uses its massive teeth to hunt. Its teeth can grow up to 4 inches long (10 cm). Orcas have a long dorsal fin and black-and-white colouring. Behind the dorsal fin is a patch of grey that is called as “saddle” because it looks like a riding saddle. The body of an orca is cylindrical.

How big is an Orca Killer Whale?

How big is an Orca Killer Whale?

Orca is the largest species of the Dolphin family, and it weighs up to 6 tons with a length of 23 to 32 feet. The largest Orca ever recorded was 32 feet.

Blue Whale Vs Orca Killer Whale fight comparison- Who will Win?

Blue whale vs Orca Killer whale

Normally, the Blue Whale is larger in size than the Orca. Blue Whale is dominant over all the sea animals due to its massive size and hunting ability, and it would be quite difficult for other animals to defeat it. Orcas normally hunt their prey with different techniques. Orcas can also beach themselves to catch the seals on land. Orcas can work together to catch larger prey such as a school of fish.

Orcas use echolocation for talking with each other during the hunt. Orcas make sounds that travel through the water to a great distance, and it is easy to locate any prey using it.

Even a pod of Killer whales or Orca will not able to kill the largest Blue whale.  They just can bite a few times. 

Watch the Blue Whale Vs Orca Killer Whale comparison in the video below.

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  1. here what i think mr!!. the orca pod see blue whale and they attack the blue whale hits with its tail but the orcas start pushing the whale under water soon the whale drowns.


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