African Lion vs Nile crocodile Fight comparison, who will win?

Who will win the fight between African Lion vs Nile crocodile?

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Most of the people have been fascinated by the behaviour of animals and also very much interested to know about animal behaviour, ethology, etc. as it is relatively new. And most notably the African Lion and Nile crocodile attract the attention of more people across the world because these two have great power and abilities that are very admirable. People are always eager to compare and know, in a African lion vs Nile crocodile fight who is going to win?

Both animals are giants and fight well with each other. Honestly, these two animals have so many differences, and it is a close call because both these animals have their strong and weak point.  Most of the folks believe that crocodile will be too slow on land than a lion, but it’s not true as there are some facts which prove that Nile crocodile is quite agile on land as well.

African lion vs nile crocodile

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Is African lion is biggest in cat family?

The African lion is the second largest animal, and it has great power and abilities. Most importantly its skull is similar to Tiger.  Overall, the hunting techniques of lions are really unique and at the same time it is very much successful in long grass as well as thick bush.

Do African lions fight with each other?

Typically, lions live in prides with a rich and reliable food supply that enables them to be territorial. When food supply is unpredictable the pride increases their territory and it becomes too large to defend. In those situations, encounters between lions from various other prides become hostile, although the actual fighting is rare.

What does African Lion look like?

The African Lion’s  color can be found in different shades. Their color can vary from light buff to yellowish, reddish, or dark coriaceous brown. Notably, the males and females also look distinctly different because they have some specialised roles based on the gender. Lions tend to vary in size based on the area and environment. In general, their head is large and it has a thick muzzle. It has a unique pattern of spots at the roots of the whiskers which can be vary in individual lions.

Where is African Lion found?

In general, African lions have no particular habitat preference and needs so the lions can be encountered anywhere except in forest and African lion habitats also include thick bush, open plains, woodlands, and semi-desert areas.

How much Nile Crocodile weigh?

A Nile crocodile also known as the common crocodile, it is one of the largest crocodiles that weighs around 2400 pounds.

Where is Nile Crocodile found?

It is mainly found in Africa, but it can also be found in Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Gabon, Cameroon, South Africa, Sudan, Botswana, Malawi, etc. 

How many Nile crocodiles left in the world?

It is estimated that, there are around 250k-500k crocodile left in the world.

What does Nile Crocodile look like?

In general, Nile crocodiles have a dark bronze colouration. In addition it has black spots on the back as well as dirty purple colouration on the belly. Typically, the crocodile is yellowish green in colour and has dark patches arranged in oblique stripes. 

How big is a Nile Crocodile?

It is the largest crocodile after the saltwater crocodile. Usually, the male crocodile measures 11.5 to 16 feet long and mature ones can grow to 18 ft.

Do Nile Crocodiles live in freshwater or saltwater?

Many people assume that crocodiles will only be active in water, but it is not true. Usually, Nile crocodile found in freshwater.

How Dangerous is the Nile crocodile?

Nile crocodiles use mainly their tails. So if a lion gets closer to the Nile crocodile then the crocodile will start to swing its tail to get rid of the lion easily. It will not be easy or simple to attack the Nile crocodile on land because they can also run remarkably fast. No matter how strong and powerful a lion or lioness is, the Nile crocodile is also a very powerful animal.

How fast does Nile Crocodile run?

It has a great capacity to strike an attack at the rate of 35 mph.

African lion vs Nile Crocodile difference

If you are interested in understanding the difference between African Lion and the Nile crocodile you can go through the below points-

AnimalsAfrican LionNile crocodile
Weapons3 inch canines3 inch claws    66 teeth
Average Head & Body Length6 ft 1 inch19ft 8 inch – 20ft
Average Weight180 kg900-1000 Kg
AreaAfricaAfrica and Nile delta
Average Life Span15 years70-100 years

The fight between these two mighty animals will be endless and the fight will have no definite outcome. A lion pride may attack a small crocodiles sometimes and may kill it, but in some conditions a  crocodile may drag a lion into the water then it will proceed to attack the Lion successfully.

African Lion vs Nile Crocodile, Who Will win?

Obviously, these two are skilled hunters, when it comes to fighting they will use their intelligence. Both are strong at the same time powerful. In some conditions crocodiles win over Lions whereas in other conditions we will see lions winning with an upper hand over the crocodile.

Both are the apex predators. When the crocodile gets the paw of the lion in its jaw it will easily drag the lion into the water and at the same time it will kill it with ease. Of course, lions are quite tactful as well as strong, but they will really have to fight fiercely with the crocodile.

Most conditions lions are successful in killing a crocodile, but they also suffer severe injuries. Most importantly they can actually affect the crocodiles to a major extent. Any crocodilian vs. big cat fight, the Crocodile wins in water where it can attract as well as move faster. Alternatively, the lion wins on land where it can dodge the crocodile’s attacks, and it began to suffer from the lactic build up.

Usually, African lions have to hunt down a crocodile easily when it crocodile is smaller, but the larger crocodile will put up a strong fight, at the end of the fight nobody emerges as the winner.


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