Lizard vs Salamander fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Lizard vs Salamander?

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Although the salamander and the lizards look similar, the two have a lot of differences that lie in between them. This informative article will give you the basic and most interesting facts about the two animals. Most importantly you will know how both animals defend themselves from their predators and finally know how it would end if they were to fight, Salamander or Lizard?

lizard vs salamander

What are interesting facts on Lizards?

Lizards are found in most areas in the world except in  Antarctica. There are over 4675 different species of lizards in the world. Most of them have four legs but there are a number of them with two legs such as the bipes and other with no legs such as the slow-worm. Some even have wings such as the Draco lizards.

Some live in desert rocks others in trees while others in the different types of vegetation found in different areas. Being cold-blooded lizards love sunbathing on rocks especially to keep them warm in the morning.

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What is size, length and weight of a lizard?

With the many species, you can be sure lizards vary greatly in their sizes. The largest lizard being the Komodo dragon which has an average mass of 75-80 kg and a length of about 2.5 meters. The smallest lizard is the sphaerodactylusariasae. This tiny lizard has a length of about 1.6 to 1.8 cm.

What does a Lizard eat?

Just like other reptiles, most lizards are carnivorous. Feeding on ants, spiders, termites, cicadas and even other lizards. However, some lizards are omnivores and others herbivores. They feed on vegetation and meat or even vegetation only.

How does Lizard take breath?

One amazing fact about the lizards, they breath using their tongues.They stick out their tongue to catch the scent particles from the air and then pulls back by placing the particles on the roof of its mouth.

Coal Skink is also looks like lizard and people are curious to know Coal skink vs lizard difference as well.

What are interesting Salamander Facts?

Salamanders are amphibians that resemble the lizards. They have long slender bodies with a moist smooth skin. There are about 500 species of amphibians that can be classified as salamanders, the commons one being the spotted salamander tiger salamander red salamander and the Redbacked salamander.

What do Salamanders eat?

Salamanders are carnivorous. They will eat anything that they’ll see moving, from flies to termites to maggots. Do you know that some salamanders have tongues that are longer than their own bodies? These large tongues are very useful when it comes to feeding.

What is Salamander Size, length and weight?

With their many different sizes of the salamanders, there are different sizes of these animals. Most of them being 15 cm (6 inches). The largest salamander is the Japanese giant salamander which grows to a size of up to   1.8 meters and a can have a weight of up to 63 kilograms.

How do salamanders defend themselves?

When in danger salamanders may sacrifice their tails. They will detach their tale, which keeps on wriggling to distract the predator so that it may escape. One amazing thing about the tail is that it after the detach, it will still grow again. Some salamanders contain glands that secrete a bad tasting liquid or even poisonous liquid which keeps the enemy away.

Salamander vs lizard fight comparison- who will win?

Size is a very important factor to consider when it comes to animal comparisons. The larger the animal the stronger it is and the faster it will acquire victory. Generally, the lizards are larger than the salamanders and most likely they will win here.

Lizards and salamanders fight by biting their opponents. However, fatalities might not be recorded in this fight since both the salamander and the lizards do not have much power to kill their opponent, unless the lizard or salamander is large enough to swallow its opponents. I hope you like comparing Lizard vs Salamander.


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