White Rhino vs African Lion fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between White Rhino vs African Lion?

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If you looking to get more information on White Rhino vs African lion fight then you come to right place. Below you will get useful facts and unique features of these two wild creatures.

white rhino vs african lion

What are the interesting facts about African Lion?

Lions usually inhabit savanna and grassland. They spend their time in bushes. They are less social compared to the other cats. The male lion is incredibly distinctive, and the face of a lion is considered as a broadly identified symbol in the human culture. It spends roughly 16 to 20 hours daily resting and sleeping.

Do Lions live in groups?

It is one of the big cats to live in groups known as prides. The pride is a group consisting mainly of its family members. They also work together to defend their territory and hunt. The female in the pride is the one who mainly performs the act of hunting.

They function as a team and also the make use of inventive hunting methods to catch prey that they otherwise won’t be able to catch alone since they are quicker than them. The lion’s number in the pride may differ.

How much does a Lion eat?

The average amount meat they eat in their diet is about 11- 60 lbs and also 57 lbs for big males.

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What are some interesting facts about White Rhino?

The white rhino requires open undulating woodland along with ample grass and permanent water sources. Rhinos are less aggressive in nature and much more sociable and roam in groups of about 15. Adult male rhinos are solitary animals, except when fighting.

What does a White Rhino look like?

White rhinos are hairless, with a silver-brown skin colour along with large folds and bumps on the legs & shoulder. They have a very broad mouth that is mainly used for grazing in contrast to the black rhino which is pointed on the lip where they make use to grasp leaves as well as twigs.

The White Rhino has an enormous body, large head, a short neck along with broad chest. Moreover, it has hair on the tail bristles, ear fringes and sparse hair over its body

White Rhino vs African Lion Comparison

Below, we have a comparison table of white rhino vs African lion. You can easily understand their unique features, type, diet, weight, size etc from the table given below.

Animals African LionWhite Rhino
Size1.4-1.9m long excluding tail10-12′ (3–3.75m) long, 4.5-5.9′ (1.4–1.8m) tall
Weight120-240 kg (males larger than females)1760-3080lb (800-1400kg)
Habitat Savannas, grassland as well as open woodlandsemi-desert,savannah, woodlands, forests as well as wetlands
RangeSub-saharan Africa and very little population in India. Scientific name Diceros bicornis longipes
Life time10-14 years30-35 years

White Rhino vs African lion fight comparison- who will win?

If there is a battle between a Rhino and a Lion, the result will be exciting and full of anticipation. The Rhino could charge at the Lion and send it flying into the air. Therefore, the rhino would win the fight. Its most likely that the Rhino knocks the lion out with its large horns. Therefore, we can finally conclude that the Rhino will easily win the battle.

I hope you like reading on White Rhino vs African Lion fight.


  1. White Rhinoceros will destroy African lion. The weight info (800-1400kg) you copied for White Rhino is wrong, that is for Black Rhino. On average the African lion gets to 190 kg and the White Rhino about 2500 kg.


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