Leopard vs Porcupine fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win the fight between Leopard vs Porcupine?

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Except for its quills very little is known about the porcupine. And even more little of how the porcupine fights its predators. If you are eager to know more about the porcupine this is the article for you. You will learn a lot through this informative article, basic facts about the porcupine and the leopard, then get to know how a fight between this two animals would result. Keep reading the article to see who’s going to win between Leopard vs Porcupine.

porcupine vs leopard

How does a Porcupine look like?

Porcupine is rodents, known for their coat with sharp quills or spines that protect it against predators.

Porcupines are found in every continent in the world except Antartica, obviously due to the temperatures there.

How many types of Porcupine species are there?

There are 58 species of porcupines known in the world

What is average weight of a porcupine?

Most of them weigh 13 kg to 17 kg but some can be as large as the crested porcupine which can grow to over 27 kg.

What is lifespan of a Porcupine?

Most porcupines have a lifespan of 15- 18 years.

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Do Porcupines have good eyesight?

Mostly, porcupines are nocturnal, active mostly at night, but at times they can be seen foraging for food even during the day. One thing you should note is that the porcupines have a poor sense of sight but a great sense of smell.

What do porcupines eat?

Porcupines are herbivores, eating barks of trees fruits leaves and plant buds. They are well adapted to feed on the mentioned types of food with their long sharp incisors.

How Porcupine will prevent itself from predators?

The porcupine quills are its first line of defense. When threatened they shove away the quills which will easily puncture through the skin of the predator. Quills are very sharp and pierce the skin easily.

When inside they cause body infection and abscesses. Removal of the quills is a painful process since they have backward facing barbs which supposedly makes it hard and painful to remove them once they are stuck.

The quills also break easily while they are being removed and this may again result in abscesses and infection.

How Does a Leopard Look like?

Leopards are members of the cat family Felidae. They have spots on their bodies that look like roses making them being referred to as rosettes. They have a body length of 90 -160 cm. what about their speed? Leopards have a speed of 58 km/hr. Though not very high like the cheetah in the same family but it’s still quite a high speed.

Who is having more vision- leopard vs Human?

The leopard has better vision than the human being and can see about 7 times better in the dark than human beings.  Leopards are very skilled hunters they are able to hunt and climb trees while dragging their prey which is at times heavier than their own weight.

How does a Leopard eat?

Their diet mostly contains fish insects reptiles birds rodents porcupines mongoose and even baboons.

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Leopards are known to be loners. They love spending most of their time alone. They are also very territorial. They mark their territories with scratches and with their urine. By doing so no other leopard will cross the territory except the females when mating.

Leopard vs Porcupine fight comparison- who will win?

The most protective function of the porcupine is their quills. When in trouble they will shove away their quills to their opponents. The quills are loosely attached and easily penetrated the skin of the predator.  However the leopards are skilled hunters, actually, they even hunt porcupines.

All they do is to avoid touching the quills by focusing on the lower part of the porcupine where there are no quills. Once they get hold of the porcupine, the leopard uses its mouth where it will bite the porcupine to death. 

Moreover, chances are high that Leopard will also be died later on because of strong penetrated quills injected into his body by a porcupine.

I hope above article on Porcupine vs Leopard fight comparison will help you.


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