Owl vs Eagle fight comparison- who will win?

Who will win fight between Owl vs Eagle?

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Very little is known about owls and how they behave. This article will feature some of the interesting facts about owls that probably you didn’t know. Here we compare Owl vs eagle fighting abilities. Keep reading to learn more about this two birds and how they defend themselves against their enemies. Let’s start with some of the basic facts of owls that you need to know.

eagle vs owl

How many species of Owls are there?

There are around 200 species of owls in the world. The largest one being the Eurasian eagle owl which can even reach a size of 60-71 cm long and an average weight of about 4.5 kg. The smallest owl is the Elf owl which is as 13.5 cm and weighs about 31 g.

Why Owls are active in Night?

Owls are only active at night and rarely seen in the day. Most owls sleep during the day and hunt during the night. They are well adapted with very sharp claws and very good sight and hearing senses. Some awls also have specialized wings that produce no sound when flying, this avoids scaring off the prey.

Do Owls turn their eyes?

One interesting fact about owls is that their eyes can’t turn.  The eyes are actually not spherical, they are tubes that give them a better depth perception to allow them to see prey from large distances. The eyes are supported by bony eye sockets.

Do Owls have two eyelids or three eyelids?

Did you know an owl’s eyes have three eyelids? Yes, one is the nictating membrane for cleaning the eyes. The other two eyelids are for sleeping and for bilking.

How fast does eagle fly?

Most people are familiar with the eagle. This bird of prey has earned itself a lot of reputation due to his excellent hunting skills. Once the eagle spots its prey be sure it will get caught no matter how first the prey runs. Thanks to its amazing speed. The eagle, specifically the golden eagle can fly at a speed of a whopping speed of about 200- 300 km/hr.! Yes more than even what we have on the speedometers of our cars. At this speed, we are sure no animal can get away no matter how fast it is.

How many species of Eagles are there?

Surprisingly there are very many different species of eagles, over 60 species the most popular ones being the golden and the bald eagle. The largest species being the Philippines eagle. It has a body mass of 4.5 to eight kg and a wingspan of 184cm to 220cm.

Can eagle hunt on wolves?

Eagles live their life on hunting, feeding mostly on other animals such as fish, rabbits and even snakes. Some eagles such as the Philippines can even kill larger animals such as monkeys, the deer, and even wolves. This is made possible due to the power possessed by the eagle’s talons.

Can Eagles kill a human being?

The talons of an eagle have amazing gripping power which a can go up to 400 pounds per square inch. Compared to the human beings hand which is less than40 psi, you’ll see how much power these birds possess. Coupled with the sharp claws the talons are very effective in killing the prey.  Yes, it was reported that golden eagles attacked human beings.

Owl vs Eagle fight comparison- who will win?

Both of these birds are dangerous. But here the eagle seems to the more superior to the owl.  The owl is a silent killer that takes down most of its prey with its sharp talons fast enough even before knowing what hit them. 

The eagle, on the other hand, is very powerful and much experienced in killing larger prey such as the wolf and wild goats. This experience coupled with its power and speed can make the eagle win over the owl. In fight comparison of owl vs eagle, the more votes are with eagle.


  1. This makes the most sense all day. All over the internet I see people trying to downplay the eagle like the owl is winning every time which is bullshit. Owls obviously havr the ability to beat an eagle, but more times than not the EAGLE is winning.


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