30 Biggest Animals In The World

Biggest Animals are riveting in itself…Whenever we envision the word “Biggest Animal”, what embroils your mind? The first thing that captivates our mind is dinosaurs, isn’t it…Right. Have you ever imagine that thought of a spider crawling over you is scarier than the spider itself. It might come as a surprise to you knowing by the fact that some of the biggest animals are still alive today. Though these prehistoric creatures are counted as one of the endangered species, they are still one of the biggest animals in the world. In this article, you’ll recognize some of the incredibly BIG animals of different categories such as mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, insects, etc.

The enlisted animals featured in the article have not been arranged according to size. Scroll down to check them out.

30 Biggest Animals In The World

1. Blue Whale: “The Winged Whisperer of Ocean”

Whales are one of the largest animals to be living on the face of Earth. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant and heart are like an automobile.

Size – 82 – 105 ft
Weight – 200 tons
Life Span – 80 – 90 years

2. Sperm Whale: “The Indomitable Hunters of the Sea”

The sperm whale has the largest foreheads among all creatures live on Earth. They can dive deep into the ocean in search of marine foods. They can eat around one ton per day.

Size – 49 to 59 ft
Weight – 35 to 45 tons
Lifespan – 62 years

3. Right Whale: “The Adamantine Surfer”

The right whale has a feature consisting of a big head and jaw. The jaw has hundreds of baleen teeth. The had been named after the hunters found them the best and chosen one for hunting purpose that is “The Right one”.

Size – 50 ft
Weight – 70 tons
Lifespan – 70 years

4. Saltwater Crocodile: “The Semiaquatic Predators”

The saltwater crocodile is the largest living crocodilian from India’s east coast to northern Australia and Micronesia.

Size – 20ft
Weight – 1 – 1.08 tons
Life Span – 70 years

5. Nile crocodile: “The Herculean Beast”

Vicious man-eater is somehow the reputation of Africa’s largest crocodilian is Nile crocodile. Their main food is fish but they eat almost everything on their way like humans, small hippos, other crocodiles, etc.

Size – 16 ft
Weight – 500 pounds
Lifespan – 70 to 100 years

6. American Alligator: “The Armoured Carnivore”

The American Alligator has a lizard-like body, powerful jaws, and muscular tails. They love to live in the freshwater rivers and lakes of the south-eastern United States.

Size – 10 to 15 ft
Weight –1,000 pounds
Lifespan – 35 to 50 years

7. Whale Shark: “The Agile Blue Hunters”

The whale shark is the second-largest fish within the water world and they are found of plankton. They are found in flattened head sports with blunt snout above its mouth.

Size – 18 to 32.8ft
Weight – 20.6 tons
Life Span – 70 years

8. Lion’s Mane Jellyfish: “The Invertebrate Jellies”

Mane Jellyfish is also known as giant jellyfish, which are found in cool water. Generally, from the Arctic to the North Pacific Ocean. It has 150 tentacles which are divide into eight clusters.

Size – 120 ft
Weight – 0.2 Tons
Life Span – 12 month


9. Humpback Whale: “Singer of Oceans”

The back is dark, pleats on their throats, light bellies and hump in front, distinguished Humpback whale and are found in every ocean of the world. The unique sound made by them differentiates with the others.

Size – 48 to 62.5 ft
Weight – 40 tons
Lifespan – 45 to 50 years

10. African Bush Elephant: “The Hulk of the forest”

African bush elephant is also called Savanna elephant and is the largest land animal. Their trunk can lift an object of more than 400pounds.

Size – 24 ft
Weight – 11 tons
Life Span – 70 years


11. Beluga Whale: “The Charming Mammal”

White color and rounded foreheads easily distinguishable that whale is Beluga whale. These whales live in a small group of Arctic Ocean’s region. They are a very social and vocal communicator.

Size – 13 to 20 ft
Weight – 1 to 1.5 tons
Lifespan – 35 to 50 years

12. Tiger Shark “The Camouflage Predators”

The Tiger shark has a ferocious look, larger body with oblong tail and cone-shaped snout with a mouthful of sharp teeth. They are brownish-gray color with white underneath.

Size – 6.5 to 10.5 ft
Weight – 200 to 350 pounds
Lifespan – 12 years


13. Great White Shark: “The Shimmery Slayer”

The Great White Shark is one of the largest sharks in the world of the ocean today. They have an exceptionally smelling sense of their victims from far away. Their triangular shape teeth made them killing the machine of the ocean.

Size – more than 20 ft
Weight – 2.5 tons
Lifespan – 70 years

14. Goliath Beetle: “Biblical Giant Goliath”

The Goliath Beetle is the largest insect on Earth in terms of size, bulk, and weight.  Females are found in dark brown to silky white and males are brown/white/black.

Size – 5 inches.
Weight – 100 grams
Life Span – 3 months

15. Leatherback Sea Turtle: “The Leather packed Plodders”

Leatherback Sea turtle is having a rubbery skin, strengthened by an enormous number of tiny bone plates. The layered structure of the crawler gives its uniqueness from the other.

Size – 4 – 6 ft
Weight – 660 – 1100 pounds
Life Span – 30 years

16. Galapagos Tortoise: “The Acclimatized One”

The Galapagos tortoise is the world’s largest tortoise. The slow mechanism allows them to survive in tough conditions. They can live up to 1 year without food and water.

Size – 4 ft
Weight – 475 pounds
Lifespan- 100 or more years

17. Komodo Dragon: “The Venomous Monitor”

Komodo dragon is the heaviest species lizard found in Indonesia. The main feature of this lizard is flat heads having a round nose. A scale skin with huge muscular tails.

Size – 10.27 ft
Weight – 166 kg
Life Span – 30 years

18. Orca: “Wolves of the Sea”

A huge killer whale that hunts everything in their menu. The color pattern of Orca, back is black and stomach are white, which blend in the world of oceans and help them to do their hunting.

Size – 20 to 26 ft
Weight – 6 tonnes
Lifespan – 50 to 90 years

19. Cinereous Vulture: “The Monk who like to Prey”

Majestic, dark-brown vulture and a rare inhabitant of arid mountains and forests. In-flight looks all dark, but with some contrast between the leading edge and trailing edge from below. Soars on flat wings, often slightly drooping with prominent wing fingers and a saw-toothed trailing edge.

Size – 3.3 – 3.11 ft
Weight – 6.3 – 11.5 kg
Life Span – 40 years

20. Polar Bear: The Ruthless White Kings of Arctic”

The Polar bear is the crown of the Arctic region. They survive in the coldest’s environment. Their thick coated fur protects against cold and they are very at swimmers.

Size – Body 7.25 – 8 ft and tail 3 – 5 inches
Weight – 900 – 1,600 pounds
LifeSpan – 25 – 30 years

21. Giraffe: “The Stretch Stripers of Jungle”

Giraffes are the world’s tallest mammals. These fascinating animals have towering legs and necks. The astounding fact is that they run as fast as 35miles/hr.

Size – 14 – 19 ft
Weight – 1,750 – 2,800 pounds
Lifespan – 25 years

22. Southern Elephant Seal: “The Atrocious Charmers”

Trunk like inflatable snouts keeps their name as Elephant Seal. Southern elephant seals are the largest among all seals and live in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions, which are rich in marine foods.

Size – Up to 20 ft
Weight – Up to 4.5 tons
Lifespan – 20 to 22 years

23. Green Anaconda: “The Crawling Crusher”

Green Anaconda is one of the largest reptiles crawling on sea and land. Anacondas are mostly found in the basin and tropical forest of Amazon. They are a breed of snakes that like to swallow their prey as a whole.

Size – 20 to 30 ft and 12 inches in diameter
Weight – Up to 550 pounds
Lifespan – 10 years

24. Ocean Sunfish: “The Bloated Slimmer”

The Ocean Sunfish has a projection like half fish. They have silvery color and rough skin texture. Their color and circular in shape give sun-like feeling in the ocean. They are also called as Mola.

Size – 11 ft
Weight – Up to 2.5 tons
Lifespan – Up to 10 years

25. Capybara: “The Rodent that has a knack of Swimming”

The Capybara, are semi-aquatic mammals are the biggest rodent on Earth. They are found in northern and central South America, especially in Florida. These impressive social spices are highly found in groups.

Size – 4.6ft long and up to 2 ft height
Weight – 77 – 143 pounds
Lifespan – Up to 7 years

26. Hippopotamus: “The Rampaging Diva of River”

Hippopotamuses are also known as “river horse” can spend up to 16 hours in a river or lakes in a day. An oily red substance present in the outer layer of their skin is moisture that acts as a sunblock, and protection against germs.

Size – 9.5 to 14ft
Weight – 1.5 to 4 tons
Lifespan – Up to 40 years

27. Giant Manta: “The Pearl Ray of Ocean”

Manta means blanket in Spanish; this sea creature is flat like a blanket and shape like a diamond. The Manta rays are considered highly intelligent and found in the tropical, subtropical and temperate ocean world.

Size – Up to 29 ft
Weight – 3,000 kg
Lifespan – Up to 50 years

28. White Rhino: “The Feisty Dweller of the Jungle”

White Rhinos have squared lips to easily pluck leaves and fruit. White Rhinos live in the grassy plain of Africa. They also have sharp hearing and an anxious sense of smell.

Size – 11 to 13.75 ft and 20 to 27.5 inches
Weight – 1.6 to 4 tons
Lifespan – 40 to 50 years

29. Giant Clam: “The Glistening Beauty of Oceans”

The giant clams belong to the community of Tridacna. The Tridacna is believed to be the largest living mollusks. The giant clam whenever they get their opportunity to find a home, they make it there permanent home in the reefs.  They live in the warm water of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Size – 4 ft
Weight – More than 440 pounds
Lifespan – More than 100 years

30. King Cobra;” The Venomous Sneak”

The only snake that builds nests for hatching their eggs is King Cobra. Their ounce venom can kill 20 people or even an elephant in one single bite. This venomous snake can lift his a third of his body from ground to attack victims.

Size – 13 ft
Weight – Up to 20 pounds
Lifespan – 20 years

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